23 Episodes

Meet Adèlyn: a trans vlogger, aesthete, and truth-teller. Her funny, off-kilter viewpoints are often surprising and always compelling. If you’re thinking it, she’s saying it!

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  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Episode 1

    Adèlyn updates us on the progress of her HRT at 1 Year 6 Months.

  • My Thoughts On Miss Gigi and Dubai

    Episode 2

    Adèlyn waxes lyrical on what she thinks of Miss Gigi and Dubai

  • Why Do People Detransition?

    Episode 3

    Adèlyn explores the phenomenon of why some people choose to detransition

  • Who Do Transwomen Date?

    Episode 4

    Adèlyn talks about the sort of people she likes to date, and addresses some tricky points about how transwomen date in general!

  • I Am Pride

    Episode 5

    I am Transgender and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    It's time to earn to love, respect, and accept one another. We are ALL different. Get used to it.
    Be pride!

  • She Can't Have Kids

    Episode 6

    Adèlyn explores what it means to be a transwoman unable to have children

  • Human Rights vs LGBT Rights

    Episode 7

    Adèlyn discusses the issue of human rights vs lgbt advocacy. This isn't meant to separate or divide, as she said in the video ALL ethnic groups are doing this... what are your thoughts?

  • The Toxic Concept of "Passability"

    Episode 8

    Adèlyn discusses the toxic concept of "passability." Join the discussion in the comments section!

  • Advice On Dating a Transsexual

    Episode 9

    Adèlyn talks about what its like to both date and be dated as trans!

  • He Didn't Know I Was Transgender

    Episode 10

    Adèlyn explores the greater visibility of transpeople and people's reactions upon discovering someone is trans

  • Why I Will Never Buy From Jeffree Star - Rocky Roadkill Vs Jeffree Star

    Episode 11

    Now I just wanna say I went on a full rant. And yes, I know Rocky. He's a sweet genuinely nice person off youtube and to have a queen like jeffree star come for him just wasn't cool. Especially this kid drove to LA just to buy his products AND see him because he's a HUGE fan. Like this kid listen...

  • Get To Know Me - What s My Race

    Episode 12

    Thought this was a bit of a change as well as seemed fun. Hope you all enjoyed hearing a bit about me! Share your stories down in the comments section!

  • About Miss Gigi And Dubai | My Thoughts

    Episode 13

    Just my opinions. please leave your thoughts down below.

  • Hey, Checking In!

    Episode 14

    Checking in! Leave me some video suggestions loves! It would be greatly appreciated xx

  • Drama With Youtube | My Opinion | Mtf

    Episode 15

    Just my opinion! Leave your thoughts down below xx

  • Diy - Hair Review

    Episode 16

    Sorry, I meant to say "DYHair777" not black star, getting things mixed up for real! haha!

    x4 bundles
    24" length
    *Brazillian Wave

  • REVRY | Interview With Ricky Rebel

    Episode 17

    Love you guys! Thanks for watching this interview with another member of the REVRY family, the amazing RICKY REBEL!

  • Being A Tall Girl

    Episode 18

    Drop me a line and leave a comment below!

    twitter: @adelyn_durazo
    Instagram: @adelyn_durazo

  • Toxic Concept of Passability

    Episode 19

    Let me know your thoughts down below!

  • I Love Being Transgender | Adèlyn

    Episode 20

    Leave a comment below!

  • Checking In With Current Stuff

    Episode 21

    Hey guys! Just letting you guys know whats up with me! I probably wont be able to upload for a couple days till I get this all situated out. All links to find me are below xx

  • Social Racism

    Episode 22

    Sorry it's SoooooOooOo long and unscripted, but what do you guys think? Let me know down below WITHOUT being overly rude.
    I like opinions.

  • BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette Review

    Episode 23

    What do you guys think? Do you have this palette and does it work for you?