6 Episodes

Best friends Max and Faye are faced with the reality that they are nearly 30 years old and have no money, careers, or boyfriends.

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  • "Meet Max And Faye"

    Episode 1

    #Adulting | S1:E1 | Faye reveals that her ex-boyfriend was threatened by her close friendship with Max.

  • "Hipster Hell Hail Mary"

    Episode 2

    #Adulting | S1:E2 | Faye finds that she has little in common with her hipster internet date, who questions her about Hemingway and orders gluten-free pizza.

  • "Pictures of Posteriors"

    Episode 3

    #Adulting | S1:E3 | Faye gets Max hired on a photo shoot, but commands him to resist his usual urges and not have sex with any of the models.

  • "Malbec And Malice"

    Episode 4

    #Adulting | S1:E4 | Max and Faye decide to fix their lives, but a bottle of wine leads them to a sobering evening.

  • "Downward Dog Disaster"

    Episode 5

    #Adulting | S1:E5 | Max drags Faye to a yoga class, where he gets special attention from the instructor.

  • "Bathroom Boyfriend Bereavement"

    Episode 6

    #Adulting | S1:E6 | Faye faces a personal crisis while Max is busy at a business meeting.