Before I Got Famous

Before I Got Famous

10 Episodes

21-year-old Alex You moves from China to Hollywood to become an actor in this new REVRY Original Series, available now.

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Before I Got Famous
  • "Pilot"
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E1 | Xingcheng You, a handsome 21-year-old Chinese man, leaves his small town in China with the dream to become a Hollywood movie star. His goals: rent an apartment, network, and become famous. It all sounds simple, until he arrives to Los Angeles and realizes two scary t...

  • "Roommates"

    Episode 2

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E2 | Low on money, Alex searches for a roommate and finds Cindy, an aspiring young actress from Kansas who seems to know less than he does. Cindy takes Alex onto a film shoot, but while he hangs out watching, he’s mistaken for an Asian day player who hasn't shown up. Thin...

  • "The Name Game"

    Episode 3

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E3 | Fed up with people butchering his name, Alex decides to find a new "American" name... on the walk of fame. He tries out a few before landing on Alex. When he gets paid in cash for his work as an extra (because no one could read his name for a check) he names himself ...

  • "Stereotypes"

    Episode 4

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E4 | Alex has an audition to play a horribly offensive Chinese stereotype. He talks himself into going for it, but when he actually lands the role, he has second thoughts.

  • "Number One Fan"

    Episode 5

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E5 | When Alex's mom makes a surprise visit, he enlists Cindy and Tiago to put on the ultimate show and convince her that he's made it.

  • "Kissing Scenes"

    Episode 6

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E6 | Alex is cast in a terrible pilot that doesn't pay anything, but he's just as excited as if he were in a blockbuster. As he and Tiago rehearse their parts, Alex misreads the signals and kisses Tiago. This is not a good development because Tiago has a very jealous boyf...

  • "Producer Seducer"

    Episode 7

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E7 | Alex celebrates when he gets his first IMDb credit for “Cheating Husbands.” But his celebration is cut short when someone links his profile to a scathing review about his performance. Alex becomes obsessed with the review, and is determined to track down the person w...

  • "Just Like Me"

    Episode 8

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E8 | Alex gets an audition for a commercial he’s certain he’ll book: a recently arrived, gay Chinese actor. But when he gets to the audition, he finds a room of people just like him…too much like him. And it makes him really insecure. While preparing for his callback he g...

  • "The Review"

    Episode 9

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E9 | Tiago hooks Alex up with a job as a server, but Alex is terrible at it. When he gets the chance to wait on a big-time producer, he makes a terrible impression. Alex meets a big time female agent, who wants to represent him, but only because she's trying to sleep with...

  • "Work Visa"
    Episode 10

    "Work Visa"

    Episode 10

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E10 | While trying to pretend that he doesn’t like Tiago, Alex offers to help Tiago shop for an anniversary gift for Jeff. Alex tries to get Cindy to come so it’s not weird, but she forces him to spend time alone with Tiago. While shopping, Tiago and Alex discover that th...