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Before I Got Famous, Season 1, Episode 2 – 11m

Up Next in Season 1

  • "The Name Game"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E3 | Fed up with people butchering his name, Alex decides to find a new "American" name... on the walk of fame. He tries out a few before landing on Alex. When he gets paid in cash for his work as an extra (because no one could read his name for a check) he names himself ...

  • "Stereotypes"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E4 | Alex has an audition to play a horribly offensive Chinese stereotype. He talks himself into going for it, but when he actually lands the role, he has second thoughts.

  • "Number One Fan"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E5 | When Alex's mom makes a surprise visit, he enlists Cindy and Tiago to put on the ultimate show and convince her that he's made it.