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Watch this video and more on revry

"Number One Fan"

Before I Got Famous, Season 1, Episode 5 – 8m 51s

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  • "Kissing Scenes"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E6 | Alex is cast in a terrible pilot that doesn't pay anything, but he's just as excited as if he were in a blockbuster. As he and Tiago rehearse their parts, Alex misreads the signals and kisses Tiago. This is not a good development because Tiago has a very jealous boyf...

  • "Producer Seducer"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E7 | Alex celebrates when he gets his first IMDb credit for “Cheating Husbands.” But his celebration is cut short when someone links his profile to a scathing review about his performance. Alex becomes obsessed with the review, and is determined to track down the person w...

  • "Just Like Me"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E8 | Alex gets an audition for a commercial he’s certain he’ll book: a recently arrived, gay Chinese actor. But when he gets to the audition, he finds a room of people just like him…too much like him. And it makes him really insecure. While preparing for his callback he g...

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