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Watch this video and more on revry

"Producer Seducer"

Before I Got Famous, Season 1, Episode 7 – 11m

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    Before I Got Famous | S1:E8 | Alex gets an audition for a commercial he’s certain he’ll book: a recently arrived, gay Chinese actor. But when he gets to the audition, he finds a room of people just like him…too much like him. And it makes him really insecure. While preparing for his callback he g...

  • "The Review"

    Before I Got Famous | S1:E9 | Tiago hooks Alex up with a job as a server, but Alex is terrible at it. When he gets the chance to wait on a big-time producer, he makes a terrible impression. Alex meets a big time female agent, who wants to represent him, but only because she's trying to sleep with...

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    Before I Got Famous | S1:E10 | While trying to pretend that he doesn’t like Tiago, Alex offers to help Tiago shop for an anniversary gift for Jeff. Alex tries to get Cindy to come so it’s not weird, but she forces him to spend time alone with Tiago. While shopping, Tiago and Alex discover that th...