Carlie and Doni

Carlie and Doni

20 Episodes

Carlie and Doni are an LA-based comedy duo known round the world for their expertise in ganja, being unemployed and single, and splitting sides with their offbeat and musical humor. Fun facts: Carlie is bilingual in spanish and loves foreign men, Doni is a lesbian and an expert on the wooden flute.

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Carlie and Doni
  • "Babe Workout with Jenny and Troy"

    Episode 1

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E1 | Jenny and Troy are going to (attempt to) show you how to do a babe workout of your very own! It's a babe thing!

  • "Commercial Auditions"

    Episode 2

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E2 | Commercial auditions are not easy. Whether it's being a butch dad for Bank of America or having a CGI ladybug played by Vin Diesel take a dump on your head, it requires more skill than you think.

  • "BEST PROPOSAL EVER!!! Will make you cry!!!"

    Episode 3

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E3 | Jake has been wanting to propose to Kelly but he knew if he didn't find a super unique way to do it she would catch on. This is the most unique proposal idea ever, gotta see it to believe it!

  • "Pussy Protector Spray Commercial"

    Episode 4

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E4 | As a woman, have you felt vulnerable and insecure since the election? Afraid that at any point a man will reach down and grab your lady bits? Well now with new Pussy Protector Spray worry no more! Our 5 unique scents will leave your pussy protected from any misogynistic ...

  • "Gigi & Bella Hadid"

    Episode 5

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E5 | The world of modeling is crazy and challenging. Gigi and Bella Hadid are gonna take you behind the scenes and show you how the magic is made!

  • "New Workout Plan"

    Episode 6

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E6 | Who needs a gym when you have a backyard, your best friend, and a bong?

  • "Period Time w/ Carlie and Doni"

    Episode 7

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E7 | Heating pads, The Bachelor, questioning everything in your life... these are just a few things that go along with being on your period.

  • "Put Out Or Get Out | Acoustic Music Video"

    Episode 8

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E8 | Acoustic music video for Carlie and Doni's song "Put Out or Get Out"

  • "Online Dating"

    Episode 9

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E9 | Online Dating can be a great way to meet people, only sometimes it doesn't work out quite as you expected. Especially when they lie about everything on their profile and are a social media obsessed crazy person.

  • "Meeting Your Mexican Girlfriend's Family"

    Episode 10

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E10 | Meeting your Mexican girlfriend's family is a big deal. There's bound be a lot of people all talking very fast (if not fully at least 50% in Spanish) and going in cold would be foolish. See how Julieta preps her boyfriend Matt for the occasion!

  • "Social Media Plan"

    Episode 11

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E11 | Social media has become a big part of peoples' careers. Carlie and Doni have a great plan for how to quickly gain a bigger following!

  • "Stoney Mornings In Venice Pt. 1"

    Episode 12

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E12 | Stoney mornings in Venice Beach are always more fun with your best friend! Nothing better than a joint and good conversation about lesbian dating and Jane Lynch.

  • "Stoney Mornings In Venice Pt. 2"

    Episode 13

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E13 | Stoney mornings in Venice Beach are always more fun with your best friend! Nothing better than a joint and good conversation about space & picking up chicks.

  • "Wake N' Bake: Waffles and Casper the Ghost"

    Episode 14

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E14 | We'll be smoking "grandma's ass crack," teaching you how to make delicious waffles, and discussing The 90's movie Casper. Light a joint and join us for some wake n' bake good times!

  • "Sensitive Saturdays | Episode 1"

    Episode 15

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E15 | We all know what it's like to have a sensitive Saturday. A day where you and your lover can't help but fight over absolutely nothing. Watch Jules and Deena as they try and get through their sensitive Saturday without breaking up over Instagram selfies or G.I. Jane.

  • "Uber Stories | Kayla + Brittany"

    Episode 16

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E16 | Uber is a great mode of transportation when you don't have a car or are making the responsible decision to not drink and drive. However, dealing with the driver/passengers can also be really fucking annoying. Today we are sharing Kayla & Brittany's Uber ride experience.

  • "Running Into Your Ex"

    Episode 17

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E17 | Carlie and Doni Run into Doni's crazy ex... only to find out how crazy it can really get.

  • "The Real Housewives of Venice Beach Pt. 1"

    Episode 17

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E18 | Grab your organic kale juice and get ready, because The Real Housewives of Venice Beach are coming to show you how to recycle with an attitude one yoga class at a time!

  • "Wake N' Bake: Samii Ryan and Marijuana Grilled Cheese"

    Episode 19

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E19 | This week on Wake N' Bake we are sitting down with the super fancy & sexy Samii Ryan. We'll be eating Marijuana Grilled Cheese and talking about Samii's Jewelry line, getting farted on & The Salem Witch Trials.

  • "Writing Sessions: Writing For A Kids Show"

    Episode 20

    Carlie and Doni | S1:E20 | Carlie and Doni attempt to write material for a kids show by getting stoned and singing about cafeteria food.