Watch this video and more on revry

Watch this video and more on revry

"Period Time w/ Carlie and Doni"

Carlie and Doni, Season 1, Episode 7 – 7m 31s

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    Carlie and Doni | S1:E8 | Acoustic music video for Carlie and Doni's song "Put Out or Get Out"

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    Carlie and Doni | S1:E9 | Online Dating can be a great way to meet people, only sometimes it doesn't work out quite as you expected. Especially when they lie about everything on their profile and are a social media obsessed crazy person.

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    Carlie and Doni | S1:E10 | Meeting your Mexican girlfriend's family is a big deal. There's bound be a lot of people all talking very fast (if not fully at least 50% in Spanish) and going in cold would be foolish. See how Julieta preps her boyfriend Matt for the occasion!