Cha Cha Heels

Cha Cha Heels

29 Episodes

Inside the minds of Pete Zias and The Black Ken as they discuss hot topics, perform original sketch comedy, and prank call unsuspecting innocents.

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Cha Cha Heels
  • "Season Premiere!"

    Episode 1

    Cha Cha Heels | We catch you up on our summer adventures. A Celebrity Cavalcade of trash! Our JonBenet murder theories. No Mo Pneumonia for Hillary. Words of Wisdom for children by children and our Bucket of Deplorables! Plus so much more. #ChaChaHeels

  • "BuzzFeed videos"

    Episode 2

    Cha Cha Heels | Pete reads viewer comments from our videos.


  • "Guest creator and voice of "Jiz"and "Golden Shower Girls videos" Evil Jeff!

    Episode 3

    Cha Cha Heels | Pete's Mom dishes advice in a new segment "MOM HELP HER!" Plus Hot Topics!!!


  • "We review Janet's new album Unbreakable"

    Episode 4

    Cha Cha Heels | Raven Symone's name game. Forget NBC's The WIZ we have REVOLT's Peter Pan! Pete's Mom gives advice to porn actress Robin Byrd in the segment Help Her!

    #ChaChaHeels #JanetJackson #RavenSymone #TheWIZ #REVOLT #PeterPan

  • "Madonna concert experience at The Rebel Heart Tour"

    Episode 5


  • "Pete shares his Gavin Rossdale and 50 cent encounters."

    Episode 6

    Cha Cha Heels | The Black Ken helps Pete find an outfit for a wedding in a Japanese garden. Plus "Secret in their Eyes," Real Housewives, prank calls and more!!! #ChaChaHeels

  • "Gobble Gobble up our Thanksgiving episode."

    Episode 7

    Cha Cha Heels | We sink our teeth into Patti Labelle's pie controversy. Hello... Is Adele making centerpieces for Thanksgiving?
    You're going to want seconds of this juicy episode. #ChaChaHeels

  • "We make calls to find a Patti Labelle pie."

    Episode 8

    Cha Cha Heels | Is it Britney for the Super Bowl??
    A Craigslist missed connection. And Pete's Mom returns to Help Her!

    #ChaChaHeels #Britney #Superbowl #Craigslist

  • "Our Xmas episode 2015"

    Episode 9

    Cha Cha Heels | Happy Holidays!


  • "A new year a new Cha Cha Heels"

    Episode 10


  • "In Episode 51 we get real"

    Episode 11

    Cha Cha Heels |

  • "It's a Munchausen benefit"

    Episode 12

    Cha Cha Heels | It's a Munchausen benefit! Not without my son with Madonna, Nate Parker wig controversy. Michael Jackson' s road trip. Stories of a Reebok Sports Club gurl. Thai food with Taye Diggs. WAVY music & The show must go on with Grease Live!

    #ChaChaHeels #Madonna #NatePraker #Micha...

  • "Pete meets Phylicia Rashad!"

    Episode 13

    Cha Cha Heels | The Real Housewives of Cha Cha Heels!
    Words of wisdom from 'The Bread" And our Grammy breakdown! Poor Adele.

    #ChaChaHeels #Grammys #Adele #RealHousewives

  • "Send in the wigs!"

    Episode 14

    Cha Cha Heels | We get into Madonna's club kid clown show. Swallow Nancy Reagan's PrEP legacy and shop for a leprechaun costume! Plus Prank calls, Words of Wisdom, Race Relations and more!

    Happy St. Cha Cha Day!
    #ChaChaHeels #Madonna #ClubKidClownShow #NancyReagan #PrEP #RaceRelations

  • "Our Spring Hate episode"

    Episode 15

    Cha Cha Heels | Packed with everything we hate!

    Pete's attacked by a Veterinarian! Questions with LYFT! The return of SISTERS, Mariah's a witch, Prank calls and more!

    We HATE this episode already!!!!!! #ChaChaHeels #MariahCarey #LYFT

  • "Make America Wigs Again"

    Episode 16

    Cha Cha Heels | Pete calls to join TRUMP's campaign.
    We dig our heels into the Madonna challenge on RuPaul's Drag Race. Will I bring a wig to Berlin?

    Nothing really matters wigs are all we need. #ChaChaHeels #RuPaul #Drag #DragRace

  • "We take on Kylie Jenner's wig lies!"

    Episode 17

    Cha Cha Heels | The return of "I Remember You".

    North Carolina teaches us southern hospitality and Pete needs to learn German.

    #ChaChaHeels #NorthCarolina

  • "R.I.P. PRINCE! Pete shares a Prince story!"

    Episode 18

    Cha Cha Heels | We drank Beyonce's LEMONADE and made some phone calls.
    Blind Side with Kelly Ripa and so much more!

    #ChaChaHeels #Beyonce #Lemonade #BlindSide #KellyRipa

  • "We take on the Madonna-Prince controversy"

    Episode 19

    Cha Cha Heels | We play the game Divas & Networks. And breakdown the Billboard Awards.Plus Mariah, Holograms and Integrity Property Management!
    This is not a love song!

    #ChaChaHeels #Mariah #Holograms #Prince #Madonna #BillboardAwards

  • "Pride Power"

    Episode 20

    Cha Cha Heels | We share our Gay Fragrance line!
    We talk D.L. Rappers, The Tony Awards, Meg Ryan, RHONY, Bobby Brown is a ghost buster and more!

    Pete's Mom tries to HELP HER! And we make a sugar daddy prank call for Father's Day!

    #ChaChaHeels #TheTonyAwards

  • "Mariah Carey's Vegas show"

    Episode 21

    Cha Cha Heels | Pete gives a wig by wig account!

    #ChaChaHeels #MariahCarey #Vegas

  • "Wigs and Guns"

    Episode 22

    Cha Cha Heels | Wendy Williams cries and we debut the new show - Guns Guns Guns. A prank call. "Is It Nice? is it Fun?

    In this episode, we put our political heels on. Amer I Can!

    #ChaChaHeels #WendyWilliams

  • "We talk Multiple Maniacs!

    Episode 23

    Cha Cha Heels | Is Hillary in it? You down with DNC and RNC?? We play the new game... Are there black people in this movie?
    A Princess Di "Words of Wisdom"
    And DIVINE prank calls! Were going crazy!!!!

    #ChaChaHeels #Hillary #DNC #RNC #PrincessDi

  • "Who killed Brangelina??"

    Episode 24

    Cha Cha Heels | Who did we prank call that deserves to be on our Bitch List. Who watched the debates? Who is the best Madonna impersonator? All these questions and more questions on #ChaChaHeels!