Chad Siwik

Chad Siwik

3 Seasons

Chad Siwik (pronounced Civic) is an exciting and talented singer/songwriter/producer with a background in dance, performing and recording. He describes his music as Pop and Dance with Electronic and 80's influences. As a child, Chad studied gymnastics which he says directly affected his dancing style, also naming Madonna and Paula Abdul as two early influences!


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Chad Siwik
  • 01. Dark (Single)

    Episode 1

    Dark (Single) | Chad Siwik | Dark EP

  • 02. Messages and Heartbeats (Extended Version)

    Episode 2

    Messages and Heartbeats (Extended Version) | Chad Siwik | Dark EP

  • 03. Ends of the Earth

    Episode 3

    Dedicated to Jonathan. Music video by Chad Siwik for the song Ends of The Earth from the Dark EP. Filmed at Arthur B. Ripley Desert Woodland State Park in Lancaster, California and Santa Monica beach. Ends of The Earth produced by Chad Siwik, lyrics and melodies by Chad Siwik. Music by Luke Icard...

  • 04. Forever

    Episode 4

    Forever | Chad Siwik | Dark EP

  • 05. Do You Wanna

    Episode 5

    Do You Wanna | Chad Siwik | Dark EP

  • 06. The Dreamscape Experiment

    Episode 6

    The Dreamscape Experiment | Chad Siwik | Dark EP