Coffeehouse Chronicles

Coffeehouse Chronicles

9 Episodes

Coffee House Chronicles is an anthology web series exploring the many ways LGBT people connect in this brave new world of the Internet and social media.

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Coffeehouse Chronicles
  • "Secret Asian Man"

    Episode 1

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E1 | A meet-cute takes an unexpected turn when Darin (Mykee Steen) gets to the house of Matthew (Cesar Cipriano) and discovers that the hottie in the wrap-around shades is Asian – and Darin doesn't "do" Asians....

  • "An Exception"

    Episode 2

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E2 | Jeff (Darryl Stephens) is haunted -- literally -- by his perfect ex (Chris Salvatore). Can his quirky and less-than-perfect BFF, Anthony (Drew Droege), get him to leave behind the idealized past in exchange for a messy, imperfect future together?

  • "We Zombies"

    Episode 3

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E3 | Two actors (Mark Cirillo, Damian Pelliccione) play zombies in "How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse." Sparks fly. But how are the “rules” of
    meeting different, when you can’t see the other
    person under the makeup?

  • "Perfect Present"

    Episode 4

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E4 | Jamison (David Pevsner) decides to spice up his relationship with Richard (Richard Bojorquez) by bringing home the perfect present for their 25th anniversary: gay porn star Kip (John Suazo)! But not
    everything is as it appears.

  • "Double Dog Dare"

    Episode 5

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E5 | Two friends, gay guy Lance (Cameron Ferguson) and straight guy Peter (Tommy Dickie) challenge each other to venture beyond each
    other's sexual comfort levels...but how far will
    they really go? With Che Landon as a barista.

  • "Jail Bait"

    Episode 6

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E6 | Dan (Nicholas Downs) goes on a blind coffee date with Owen (Hunter Doohan), who turns out to be much younger than he stated in his online profile. Featuring Amy Hill as a scornful observer.

  • "Sunday Secrets"

    Episode 7

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E7 | A couple (Najarra Townsend, Eric B. Anthony) meets another couple (Brandi Nicole Feemster, Eric Colton) for coffee, prompting hidden
    relationships to come to light.

  • "Trans-itions"

    Episode 8

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E8 | A trans man, Leo (Ian Harvie), goes on his first date as a man with Rachel (Trace Lysette), and each of them strives to be honest about what they want.

  • "Seeking Same"

    Episode 9

    Coffee House Chronicles | S1:E9 | A single man (Luis Selgas) is pushed by his two straight roommates (Alex Genther, Dalila Ali Rajah) to go out on a date with a man from an Internet hookup site (Max Emerson). But both men
    have completely different ideas of a "first date."