Colin and Justin‘s Home Heist

Colin and Justin‘s Home Heist

2 Seasons

Hang on to your knickers…  Because Britain’s most outrageous decorating duo is determined to overhaul the country’s tackiest interiors...  And teach Canadians a thing or two about good design!  

Featuring makeover mavens Colin and Justin, "Colin & Justin’s Home Heist" is the all-new, laugh-a-minute series in which unsuspecting homeowners (and their homes) are taken hostage for a miraculous transformation!

From calamitous kitchens to loathsome lounges… From delinquent dens to desperate dining rooms, Justin and Colin seek out the worst infractions… And then they strike!  While still reeling from the ambush, penitent homeowners are forced to undo their style crimes under supervision from the experts.

 In exchange, the accessory-toting Colin and corsage-sporting Justin promise a breathtaking transformation Colin & Justin’s Home Heist is not just a makeover of bricks and mortar… It is a makeover of minds, too.

Working against the clock (and against the odds), the homeowner, designers, and a small army of contractors attempt the impossible… And whether it’s a burst pipe, team spat or no-show kitchen countertop, there are plenty of surprises to keep them all busy...  And guessing — Will they complete the job in time for the big reveal?

Featuring elements of the classic thriller (think Austin Powers meets Ocean’s Eleven meets…Liberace) and a special brand of outrageous comedy you won’t find anywhere else, Colin & Justin’s Home Heist is irreverent, informative home renovation – with a twist!

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Colin and Justin‘s Home Heist
  • “Not Easy Being Green”

    Episode 1

    Colin and Justin‘s Home Heist | S1:E1 | Malcolm needs a change to kick start his life. He’s hoping for a relationship one of these days… But his home’s décor and obsession of the colour green is standing in the way!  After ambushing the green fiend at work (along with his vinyl covered monstrosit...

  • "Baby in the Laundry"

    Episode 2

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E2 | Ian and Ashley’s home looks “like a cross between a fallout shelter and a crazy suburban jumble sale.” It’s so bad their baby is sleeping in the laundry room! And to make matters worse, the couple can’t seem to agree on anything. After being heisted in thei...

  • "Spit on my Floor!"

    Episode 3

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E3 | Joanne and Martin’s home is a disgustingly dirty, no-go zone. With four children, four dogs, four cats and a gecko, there are pets and people everywhere. To make matters worse, Joanne and Martin sleep in the basement — right next to the laundry and three ki...

  • "Missing the Design Gene"

    Episode 4

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E4 | Guy and Craig are missing the design gene. Their hideous 1980s décor features a bold color scheme, a wannabe country kitchen, and plenty of knotty pine furniture… All of which has go! After an ambush at the pet salon (along with their kitchen cupboard doors...

  • "Tartan Terror"

    Episode 5

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E5 | With its ghastly tartan walls and knickknacks galore, George and Margaret’s home looks like a hurricane in a Scottish tourist shop. It’s a migraine-inducing travesty — right down to the random floral accents and powder pink bathroom. After an ambush on the ...

  • "Urban Suburban"

    Episode 6

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E6 | An eternal frat boy with an esthetic to match, Christian’s hideous home is filled with surfboards, goofy collectibles, and plenty of dust. And while he lives there with his young daughter, the actor’s home looks more like a bachelor pad than a family retrea...

  • "Dated, Dusty and Disinterested"

    Episode 7

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E7 | Janice and Kevin’s home is a dusty, and dilapidated disaster… And the same can be said of their relationship. After 31 years together, they apparently don’t know how to decorate or do home repairs either!  After an ambush on the lawn with an assemblage of b...

  • "Home Wreckers"

    Episode 8

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E8 | James and Laura’s home is an off-the-charts disaster. These former hippies seem to be living in the past and have some pretty weird ideas about style – posters of planes and boats vie for attention with unicorns and dragons and graffiti INSIDE the house!  A...

  • "Clutter Nutter"

    Episode 9

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E9 | Trish is a clutter nutter who’s ready for a fresh new start. But while she wants to make room in her life for boyfriend, Jim, her home is filled with too much stuff! Enter Colin and Justin with a plan for her salvation. After ambushing Trish in the park (fr...

  • "Global Bad Taste"

    Episode 10

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E10 | Jasmine’s stifling suburban home looks like an Asian-inspired crack den.  She admits she got stuck somewhere in the 1980s… think Hugh Hefner meets Mahatma Gandhi interiors. After a shocking ambush at Jasmine’s gym, Colin and Justin vow to transform her hom...

  • "Not So Pretty in Pink"

    Episode 11

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E11 | Patricia and Mike are madly in love… But their suburban home is a dreary, junk filled, hodge-podge of their previous lives. The living room is a putrid, pink-hued disaster zone, the master bedroom looks worse than a budget motel, and there’s evidence of Pa...

  • "Beach Bummer"

    Episode 12

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E12 | Jules and Peter live right by the beach...  And while the location is great, the décor is a disaster.  Her penchant for shells and dolphins gives the home a ‘demented mermaid’ theme. And his love for stucco and wood have the place looking like a meringue-c...

  • "Shabby Shabby"

    Episode 13

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E13 | A single mom with a nine-year- old daughter, hippie chick Lisa’s home is a depressing disaster zone.  The wallpaper is peeling, there is clutter everywhere, and the TV room looks like a serial killer’s lair.  Lisa says she’s ready for a new relationship, b...

  • "Cool Rocker, House Shocker"

    Episode 14

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E14 | Teddy is a pint-sized, retro rock’n’roller with lots of charm and a huge personality.  His tiny home, on the other hand, is bland, boring, and tragically un-hip. Perfected by neglect, the interiors feature bare floors, a tartan couch, an atrocious lime-gre...

  • "40 Year Old Grannies"

    Episode 15

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E15 | They may be vibrant and creative in their careers…  But Suanne and Celina’s home looks like a granny-inspired junk shop.  The interiors are crammed with furniture and collectibles inherited from Suanne’s grandmother.  And also feature fake timber walls, an...

  • "My Crib Sucks"

    Episode 16

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E16 | They may be hip and urban on the outside, but Keiron and Goretti’s hellish pad looks like a combination nursing home and funeral parlor. The interiors feature lace curtains, leprechaun collectibles and a forest of fake flowers…  And to make matters worse, ...

  • "Lights, Camera.... Clutter!"

    Episode 17

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E17 | A fun-loving, 69-year-old actor, Frank’s tiny home is an insane disaster that looks like it’s been hit by a giant cyclone. On the outside, Frank’s shantytown porch doubles as a walk-in ashtray… While his interiors feature a dirty and dated kitchen, a treac...

  • "Little House on the Scary"

    Episode 18

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E18 | Robert and Rhonda’s creepy home looks like a cross between a massage parlor and Munster manor.  Their dingy dungeon décor features a terrifying blend of garish curtains, dated lamps, and faux brickwork…  And their hideous velvet art collection is hung way ...

  • "No Shagging in the Bathroom!"

    Episode 19

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E19 | Design deviant Cathie is a 47-year- old Italian single who shares her parents’ sinister suburban home. The family room is a brown-on- brown hunting lodge disaster complete with a glittery rock wall, leather curtains, and a stuffed pheasant.  
    Upstairs, th...

  • "Style Bumpkins"

    Episode 20

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E20 | John and Linda suffer from ‘country-itis’… And both admit their depressing rural-inspired décor is slowing them down. Cluttered with endless collectibles, their dreadful home features a placenta-pink bedroom, forest green sofas with matching shag in the li...

  • "Pleather, Plastic and Panther"

    Episode 21

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E21 | Charles and Kyla’s home is a personality free zone.  Like a portal back to the 80s, their living room features an oversized pleather sofa set, an ominous black wall unit, and a hideous sculpted-panther coffee table.  Kyla says she’s always believed in her ...

  • "Bad Taste, No Taste"

    Episode 22

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E22 | Susan and Neil are playful and fun loving, but their tacky interiors are deadly. Like the reception room of a mortuary, the living room features a red velvet couch, pink shag carpet, and floral wallpaper; the bathroom has a dated blue and yellow astral mot...

  • "Perfect...But Ugly"

    Episode 23

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E23 | Middle-aged Maltese suburbanites, Helen and Joe, admit they don’t have the decorating touch…  And their home is proof.  The master bedroom is sparse and sexless, the en suite bathroom is an 80s time capsule, and the interiors throughout feature garish bord...

  • "Trash, Not Treasure"

    Episode 24

    Colin and Justin's Home Heist | S1:E24 | Laurie dreams of a log cabin with loads of atmosphere…  But her tiny home feels more like a granny’s cottage at a theme park.  Complete with a wood stove, duck decoy and stuffed beaver, the living room is crammed with personal mementos, mismatched furnitur...