Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard

Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard

3 Episodes

The "Convergence Healing" podcast is about giving our viewers solutions for healing their pain. We understand that pain, whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, is processed within the brain and body the same way and that a broken heart is understood in exactly the same way that a broken leg is. Our goal is to help people feel better and give them attainable solutions for creating a better life.

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Convergence Healing with Peter Bedard
  • "Episode 1"

    Episode 1

    Convergence Healing | S1:E1 | In episode 1 of "Convergence Healing" our host, Peter Bedard, sits down Gary Stuart from Constellation Healing Institute to discuss how and why pain manifests in our lives and how to heal it.

    You can find Gary online at:

  • "Episode 2"

    Episode 2

    Convergence Healing | S1:E2 | In episode 2 of "Convergence Healing" our host, Peter Bedard sits down Kimberly Cuhendis-Klaas from Boundary Building to discuss her work helping people gain clarity and control over their emotions.

    You can find Kimberly online at:

  • "Episode 3"

    Episode 3

    Convergence Healing | S1:E3 | On episode 3 of "Convergence Healing," our host Peter Bedard sits down with health advocate and yoga instructor Dr. Lynn Anderson to discuss the next big health crisis: burnout. Dr. Lynn discusses what burnout really is and the most effective ways to help get through...