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Watch this video and more on revry


Conversations with Future Stars, Season 1, Episode 1 – 4m 8s

Up Next in Season One

  • "Accidental Racists"

    Conversations with Future Stars | S1:E2 | After hearing of actors getting roles by cashing in favors, Heather and Chris decide to stake out Hollywood Hot-Shots and create their own opportunities.

  • "Time of Day"

    Conversations with Future Stars | S1:E3 | An embarrassing encounter with a more successful co-worker leads Chris and Heather on a journey to a meeting at a top agency.

  • "Nanny for The Stars"

    Conversations with Future Stars | S1:E4 | Convinced that working for a celeb is an easy “in,” Heather lies her way into a nanny position for a B-List Actress, and she and Chris attempt to integrate themselves into her world.

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