Day Drunk Gays

Day Drunk Gays

12 Episodes

A group of gay male friends and the hijinks that ensue from their drinking alcohol during the day...

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Day Drunk Gays
  • "Brunchr"
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E1 | Bryce loses it when his tardiness results in being 'brunchplaced' by Claude at the table. Ean, Mark, and Mike also star.

  • "App-hole"

    Episode 2

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E2 | Mark is back in the dating world and the boys explain how he can find the right hook-up app for him.

  • "Miranda's Wrongs"

    Episode 3

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E3 | Who doesn't love a good night in watching old eps of 'sex and the city'?

    The boys play a game to see which of the girls they are and Mark loses it.

  • "Porn in the Morn"

    Episode 4

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E4 | More of the fellas' classy antics. Bring those bottomless mimosas!

  • "Those Shorts"

    Episode 5

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E5 | Ean's confidence ends up biting him in the ass. Quite literally. The boys don't have a problem pointing it out.

  • "#Sootired"

    Episode 6

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E6 | The boys are at it again in the mid-season finale of DDG.

  • "Beardist"

    Episode 7

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E7 | Who doesn't like a good bristling man mane?

  • "Steal Magnolias"

    Episode 8

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E8 | Bryce, Ean and Mark mourn the loss of Mike and contemplate just how they can move on without their Brunch Buddy.

  • "Day Stoned Gays"

    Episode 9

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E9 | When Bryce accidentally eats Mark's prescription brownie, the Day Drunk Gays have an existential dilemma about who they are when they aren't day drinking.

  • "Looking for Football, Players"

    Episode 10

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E10 | Gotta have great ball skillz...

  • "The Problem with Gay Marriage"

    Episode 11

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E11 | Who cares what you call it, everyone's miserable afterwards...

  • "Sleeping with Straight Guys"

    Episode 12

    Day Drunk Gays | S1:E12 | Look, everyone experiments right?