Dead For Filth

Dead For Filth

38 Episodes

From the ooky spooky mind of horror personality and screenwriter, Michael Varrati, comes the REVRY Original Podcast "Dead For Filth", for all things queer horror and beyond. Dead For Filth will bring you the best queer & horror icons out of the closet and into the night to talk about the genre they love.

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Dead For Filth
  • Episode Zero

    Episode 1

    Dead For Filth | S1:E0 | From the ooky spooky mind of horror personality and screenwriter, Michael Varrati, comes the REVRY Original Podcast "Dead For Filth", for all things queer horror and beyond. Dead For Filth will bring you the best queer & horror icons out of the closet and into the night t...

  • Jeffrey Reddick

    Episode 2

    Dead for Filth | S1:E1 | Michael sits down with horror icon Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of the Final Destination franchise as well as the acclaimed writer of Day of the Dead, Tamara, and Dead Awake. Jeffrey talks about stepping into the director's chair, growing up gay, the most homoerotic aspec...

  • Gary & Edmund Entin

    Episode 3

    Dead for Filth | S1:E2 | This week we tackle the relationship between horror and musicals, Stephen King adaptations, and alien slugs with filmmaking and acting duo Gary and Edmund Entin. Initially breaking onto the scene with roles in "Seconds Apart" and the "Rest Stop" series, the Entins have go...

  • Birthday Minisode

    Episode 4

    Dead for Filth | S1:E2.5 | Celebrate Michael's birthday with producers Dominic Segatti and Drew Phillips as they provide a selection of sweet scares for this most important of Holidays.

  • Kansas Bowling

    Episode 5

    Dead for Filth | S1:E3 | Troma's enfant terrible, Kansas Bowling, who directed her prehistoric slasher debut, "B.C. Butcher" at the age of 17, joins us in studio to talk about making films on vacation, the influence of Tobe Hooper, and why The Monkees were punk.

  • Lotti Pharriss Knowles

    Episode 6

    Dead for Filth | S1:E4 |This week we bite into Hammer Horror, Showgirls, and more with Lotti Pharriss Knowles, the writer of Chastity Bites and the producer of the upcoming CW female horror series The Black Rose Anthology, as well as offer a special give away for listeners! Listen, if you dare.

  • J.T. Seaton

    Episode 7

    Dead for Filth | S1:E5 | This week's episode is chalk full of bloody mattresses and spooky fog as we're joined in the studio by J.T. Seaton, the multi-award winning filmmaker behind "George: A Zombie Intervention" and founder of the NOLA Horror Film Festival. Among other things, Michael and JT di...

  • Stacy Pippi Hammon

    Episode 8

    Dead for Filth | S1:E6 | Producer and Etheria Film Night founder Stacy Pippi Hammon comes in for a riveting discussion on conventions, cannibalism, and the untapped potential of female filmmakers around the world

  • Darren Stein

    Episode 9

    Dead for Filth | S1:E7 | The man who killed the teen dream, Darren Stein (Jawbreaker, G.B.F.), dishes on his obsession with Rocky Horror, transgressive media, and his earliest encounters of the erotic kind.

  • Erlingur Thoroddsen

    Episode 10

    Dead for Filth | S1:E8 | Director of the new atmospheric festival darling "Rift", Erlingur Thoroddsen discusses growing up gay in Iceland, the virtues of DIY filmmaking, and his unconventional sources of inspiration.

  • Daniel & Matthew Scott Montgomery

    Episode 11

    Dead for Filth | S1:E9 | It's all about R.L. Stine, cackling witches, and Jamie Lee love as devilish duo Daniel and Matthew Scott Montgomery swing by to celebrate Friday the 13th! Individually known for their extensive resumes in the world of film & TV, Daniel (Mom, Insecure) and Matthew (Souther...

  • John C. Clark & Brie Williams

    Episode 12

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E10 | Put your faith in fear as we welcome John C. Clark and Brie Williams, the filmmakers behind the homoerotic evangelical exorcist masterpiece A Closer Walk With Thee! Among other things, John and Brie discuss their experiences attending a real life exorcism, their favori...

  • George Climer

    Episode 13

    Dead for Filth | S1:E11 | Things get hairy this week as we welcome George Climer, the filmmaker behind the first ever bear slasher film, "Bear Creek!"Among other things, George discusses body image politics in the LGBTQ community, the perils of rural filmmaking, and why Bela Lugosi doubted his st...

  • Thomas Dekker

    Episode 14

    Dead for Filth | S1:E12 | HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! For this most spooktacular of holidays, we're joined by Thomas Dekker, renowned actor and filmmaker! Among other things, Thomas talks about working with John Carpenter as a child of the Damned, his years fighting Terminators as John Connor, and the pow...

  • Jesse Merlin

    Episode 15

  • BJ Colangelo

    Episode 16

    Dead for Filth | S1:E14 | This week we have suplexes and scares aplenty as we welcome genre journalism vet BJ Colangelo, whose recent feature film POWERBOMB is putting the horror in a headlock! Among other things, BJ discusses the feminist implications of modern cannibal movies, the correlation b...

  • Mark Bessenger

    Episode 17

  • Joshua Conkel

    Episode 18

    Dead for Filth | S1:E16 | Woe be to the Baudelaires! This week we welcome Joshua Conkel, one of the writers behind Netflix's "A Series of Unfortunate Events," as well as his own festival hit "Curmudgeons!" Among other things, Joshua discusses using horror's final girls as an avatar for queer iden...

  • Peaches Christ

    Episode 19

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E17 | This week we're truly all about evil as we welcome cult icon and drag superstar Peaches Christ! Among other things, Peaches discusses being charged with blasphemy while traveling abroad, what gives Freddy Krueger drag cred, and the unspoken sex appeal of Bruce Campbell!

  • Jeffrey Schwarz

    Episode 20

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E18 | This week we feel a tingle in our spines as we welcome Jeffrey Schwarz, the award-winning filmmaker behind such documentaries as "I Am Divine," "The Fabulous Life of Allan Carr," and "Vito." Among other things, Jeffrey discusses the performative nature of queer identit...

  • Enemies of Dorothy

    Episode 21

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E19 | Holiday Special! It's a family affair as we welcome Chris Bryant and Ryan Fisher, the duo behind the darkly comedic sketch team Enemies of Dorothy! Among other things, the Enemies discuss the kinship between the worlds of comedy and horror, religious Hell Houses, the v...

  • Bart Mastronardi

    Episode 22

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E20 | Hear the beating of the tell-tale heart as we welcome Bart Mastronardi, the filmmaker behind such award-winning movies as VINDICATION and TALES OF POE! Among other things, Bart discusses working with some of horror's most notable final girls, becoming a super villain f...

  • Maria Olsen
    Episode 23

    Maria Olsen

    Episode 23

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E21 | We've got starry eyes this week as we welcome Maria Olsen, the prolific performer known for her roles in such projects as the PERCY JACKSON and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies. Among other things, Maria discusses growing up in South Africa, Christine Baranski's epiphany-ind...

  • Peter Stickles

    Episode 24

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E22 | This week, voyeurism is participation as we welcome Peter Stickles, acclaimed star of SHORTBUS and TV's THE LAIR! Among other things Peter discusses how movies about sex are often decidedly not sexy, his one-time role as a roller-skating famous serial killer, and why i...