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Watch this video and more on revry

Jesse Merlin

Dead For Filth, Season 1, Episode 15 – 1h 12m

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    Dead for Filth | S1:E14 | This week we have suplexes and scares aplenty as we welcome genre journalism vet BJ Colangelo, whose recent feature film POWERBOMB is putting the horror in a headlock! Among other things, BJ discusses the feminist implications of modern cannibal movies, the correlation b...

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    Dead for Filth | S1:E16 | Woe be to the Baudelaires! This week we welcome Joshua Conkel, one of the writers behind Netflix's "A Series of Unfortunate Events," as well as his own festival hit "Curmudgeons!" Among other things, Joshua discusses using horror's final girls as an avatar for queer iden...