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Watch this video and more on revry

Mark Bessenger

Dead For Filth, Season 1, Episode 17 – 57m

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  • Joshua Conkel

    Dead for Filth | S1:E16 | Woe be to the Baudelaires! This week we welcome Joshua Conkel, one of the writers behind Netflix's "A Series of Unfortunate Events," as well as his own festival hit "Curmudgeons!" Among other things, Joshua discusses using horror's final girls as an avatar for queer iden...

  • Peaches Christ

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E17 | This week we're truly all about evil as we welcome cult icon and drag superstar Peaches Christ! Among other things, Peaches discusses being charged with blasphemy while traveling abroad, what gives Freddy Krueger drag cred, and the unspoken sex appeal of Bruce Campbell!

  • Jeffrey Schwarz

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E18 | This week we feel a tingle in our spines as we welcome Jeffrey Schwarz, the award-winning filmmaker behind such documentaries as "I Am Divine," "The Fabulous Life of Allan Carr," and "Vito." Among other things, Jeffrey discusses the performative nature of queer identit...