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Peaches Christ

Dead For Filth, Season 1, Episode 19 – 1h 16m

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  • Jeffrey Schwarz

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E18 | This week we feel a tingle in our spines as we welcome Jeffrey Schwarz, the award-winning filmmaker behind such documentaries as "I Am Divine," "The Fabulous Life of Allan Carr," and "Vito." Among other things, Jeffrey discusses the performative nature of queer identit...

  • Enemies of Dorothy

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E19 | Holiday Special! It's a family affair as we welcome Chris Bryant and Ryan Fisher, the duo behind the darkly comedic sketch team Enemies of Dorothy! Among other things, the Enemies discuss the kinship between the worlds of comedy and horror, religious Hell Houses, the v...

  • Bart Mastronardi

    "Dead for Filth" | S1:E20 | Hear the beating of the tell-tale heart as we welcome Bart Mastronardi, the filmmaker behind such award-winning movies as VINDICATION and TALES OF POE! Among other things, Bart discusses working with some of horror's most notable final girls, becoming a super villain f...