Dyke Problems

Dyke Problems

4 Episodes

Comedy sketches featuring Meyrav, getting a drink with her elderly neighbour and complaining about the woes of the young, Tel-Avivian lesbian. In return, she gets hit with lessons on intersectional feminism. Don't mess with granny.

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Dyke Problems
  • "Heteronormativity"

    Episode 1

    Dyke Problems | S1:E1 | When a guy assumes Meyrav's sexual orientation as she parks her car, she goes ballistic and discovers the heteronormativity.

  • "Patriarchy"

    Episode 2

    Dyke Problems | S1:E2 | When a guy hits on Meyrav in Social Security, she's invited to a threesome and discovers the patriarchy.

  • "Gender Binary"

    Episode 3

    Dyke Problems | S1:E3 | When an 8-year-old mocks Meyrav for playing football at his birthday party, she gets shunned by his whole class and discovers the gender binary.

  • "Religion"

    Episode 4

    Dyke Problems | S1:E4 | When Meyrav is mistaken to be dating her religious friend, she online-stalks her ex-girlfriend and discovers the divide between queer people and religious ones.