Easy Abby

Easy Abby

2 Seasons

Abby likes women. A lot. She has no problem finding any to sleep with, but that's the only thing that comes easy. Dealing with anxiety, family and money issues is another story. Abby does what she wants and says what she thinks. She's not a great friend but she's trying.

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Easy Abby
  • "Portable Feast"

    Episode 1

    Easy Abby | S1:E1 | Abby has never been in love and doesn't want to be! When she bumps into a former fling but can't remember the woman's name, Abby starts to wonder if she has what it takes to fall in love.

  • "Pies The Limit"

    Episode 2

    Easy Abby | S1:E2 | Abby is forced into a double blind date with a woman she's actually already been with before as Sara and Carolyn's dinner party starts getting very warm in the center but cooling around the edges.

  • "Naming The Baby"

    Episode 3

    Easy Abby | S1:E3 | After a rigorous one night stand, Abby can't get her high-energy guest lover to leave the apartment. Meanwhile, best pal Sara assumes her girlfriend is cheating on her so she decides to hide out at Abby's for awhile.

  • "Bacon and Legs"

    Episode 4

    Easy Abby | S1:E4 | Sara wakes up on Abby's couch with a love hangover and Abby tries to cheer her up with new girls and greasy brunch.

  • "Danish Twist"

    Episode 5

    Easy Abby | S1:E5 | Sara sinks deeper into her breakup confusion at breakfast and starts stuffing herself with donuts. The waitress is pissy with Abby for blowing her off after a weekend fling in the Wisconsin Dells, but seems to forgive her when they cross paths in the restroom.

  • "Love Monkey"

    Episode 6

    Easy Abby | S1:E6 | While working at the bike shop, Abby reluctantly admits to her friend Eileen that the reason she's feeling antsy and distracted has less to do with romance and more to do with her Mother.

  • "No Fly Zone"

    Episode 7

    Easy Abby | S1:E7 | Nosy neighbor Lydia interrupts a sweet early morning in bed for Abby and her long-distance lover Haley with an interrogation about the garbage chute.

  • "Martini in The Closet"

    Episode 8

    Easy Abby | S1:E8 | Abby tries to teach Sara how to pick up girls at the lesbian bar but gets distracted by a beautiful stranger. Eileen shows up and overwhelms Sara with beer and flattery.

  • "Walk Before You Run"

    Episode 9

    Easy Abby | S1:E9 | Abby catches up with the Martini woman from the lesbian bar but finds herself suddenly shy as she walks her home. Sara and Eileen drink up a storm as "fun friends" with confusing results the next morning.

  • "Icing on the Sponge Cake"

    Episode 10

    Easy Abby | S1:E10 | While tending bar at a reception with her buddy Stan, Abby can't resist a stunning request from the mother-of-the-bride.

  • "How To Travel Light"

    Episode 11

    Easy Abby | S1:E11 | Abby goes to Danielle's apartment for the first time and is unprepared for some new romantic feelings.

  • "The Meatball Test"

    Episode 12

    Easy Abby | S1:E12 | Bobbie and Lydia make dinner and try real hard not to talk about their open relationship. Meanwhile down the hall, Abby locks herself out of her apartment. In her underwear.

  • "Chicago Free Fall"

    Episode 13

    Easy Abby | S1:E13 | In the season finale, Detective Lydia tries to ask Abby out on a date, but Abby is focused on Danielle, the first woman to ever truly spark Abby's heart. Will it be too late?