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Watch this video and more on revry

"Love Monkey"

Easy Abby, Season 1, Episode 6 – 5m 33s

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  • "No Fly Zone"

    Easy Abby | S1:E7 | Nosy neighbor Lydia interrupts a sweet early morning in bed for Abby and her long-distance lover Haley with an interrogation about the garbage chute.

  • "Martini in The Closet"

    Easy Abby | S1:E8 | Abby tries to teach Sara how to pick up girls at the lesbian bar but gets distracted by a beautiful stranger. Eileen shows up and overwhelms Sara with beer and flattery.

  • "Walk Before You Run"

    Easy Abby | S1:E9 | Abby catches up with the Martini woman from the lesbian bar but finds herself suddenly shy as she walks her home. Sara and Eileen drink up a storm as "fun friends" with confusing results the next morning.