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Watch this video and more on revry

"Yuge Surprise"

Faux Show, Season 1, Episode 2 – 3m 33s

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  • "It's Jones, Not Jones"

    Faux Show | S1:E3 | Dusty & Dale try to make the most out of their surprise guest: internet sensation Felicity "Priceless" Jones. Meanwhile, seeking support from resident director Linda falls flat.

  • "Run Bitch Run"

    Faux Show | S1:E4 | Dusty And Dale are completely out of their element with guest Felicity "Priceless" Jones. Especially with the network debut of her music video "Run Bitch Run."

  • "They Call Me Hoover"

    Faux Show | S1:E5 | Dusty and Dale confront Linda, Jonathan, and Travis after discovering that they held a joint secret behind their back. Felicity suggests that Dale help with the work environment, and makes a colorful discovery about Patsy.