13 Episodes

"G&T" is the Italian gay series that tells the story about Giulio and Tommaso, friends from childhood that discover that their relationship goes beyond simple friendship.

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  • "Electricity & Changes"

    Episode 1

    G&T | S2:E1 | Welcome to the story of Giulio and Tommaso, friends since childhood. Now adults, they find that their relationship is more than just a friendship.

  • "Rules & Weight"

    Episode 2

    G&T | S2:E2 | After several selections, Sara has finally found a new roommate for the house. Meanwhile, Gianluca, Tommaso’s best friend, advises him to start again and create a new life, even if is difficult move forward after the separation.

  • "Frames & Cheaters"

    Episode 3

    G&T | S2:E3 | During a vernissage, both Giulio and Tommaso, as well as Sara and Gianluca are facing their demons. In T-Bios, family run business of Tebaldi, Serena and Renato are sharing a secret. They have a plan and Serena wants revenge.

  • "Confidences & Tramps"

    Episode 4

    G&T | S2:E4 | Gianluca receives an unexpected surprise: someone has coming looking for his help. Meanwhile, Sara confesses her deep drama to new roommate Nicolas over tea.

  • "Kitchenware & Falls"

    Episode 5

    G&T | S2:E5 | Giulio and Tommaso bump into each other. Riky admits to his brother the reason why he has run away from home. Little by little, we find out what Serena did in the past.

  • "Pleasure & Drinks"

    Episode 6

    G&T | S2:E6 | Under high pressure, Tommaso is involved in the launch of a new collection of nutritional supplements by T-Bios. Meanwhile, Ricky is having a new experience chatting with a special someone.

  • "Hearts & Calls"

    Episode 7

    G&T | S2:E7 | Giulio finally tells his real feelings to Teo. What will be his reaction? Ricky is flirting with Christian but someone interrupts them. Is he being flushed out?

  • "Distress & Crashes"

    Episode 8

    G&T | S2:E8 | Preparations for the T-Bios party are in full swing. Sara is managing everything but is nervous because of Gianluca, indeed the ex-boyfriend is not working alone...but this is not the only one reason why.

  • "Party & Glances"

    Episode 9

    G&T | S2:E9 | Unforeseen guests disrupt the T-Bios party, and the situation gets heated. Those who have not solved their discomfort will face them in public space.

  • "Truths & Showdowns"

    Episode 10

    G&T | S2:E10 | As the party continues, Tommaso decides to say something on stage, though he won't be the only one. Amongst the crowd listening to his emotional outburst, Giulio is looks towards him with melancholia...

  • "Fallout & Traps"

    Episode 11

    G&T | S2:E11 | Giulio discovers a dangerous secret. Meanwhile Ricky faces his mother. Some sadness in the air, but maybe the winter sea will heal these emotions.

  • "Time & Choices"

    Episode 12

    G&T | S2:E12 | Our characters are confessing their secrets. Some are sexy and some come from the soul. Others are heavy stones from the past...but the expressed secrets make people free to live.

  • "Loose Ends & Passions"

    Episode 13

    G&T | S2:E13 | The end...but the end is not the real end...ends could open different starting and for each characters there is new begin.