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"Party & Glances"

G&T, Season 1, Episode 9 – 16m

Up Next in Season 2

  • "Truths & Showdowns"

    G&T | S2:E10 | As the party continues, Tommaso decides to say something on stage, though he won't be the only one. Amongst the crowd listening to his emotional outburst, Giulio is looks towards him with melancholia...

  • "Fallout & Traps"

    G&T | S2:E11 | Giulio discovers a dangerous secret. Meanwhile Ricky faces his mother. Some sadness in the air, but maybe the winter sea will heal these emotions.

  • "Time & Choices"

    G&T | S2:E12 | Our characters are confessing their secrets. Some are sexy and some come from the soul. Others are heavy stones from the past...but the expressed secrets make people free to live.