Watch this video and more on revry

Watch this video and more on revry

"Electricity & Changes"

G&T, Season 1, Episode 1 – 23m

Up Next in Season 2

  • "Rules & Weight"

    G&T | S2:E2 | After several selections, Sara has finally found a new roommate for the house. Meanwhile, Gianluca, Tommaso’s best friend, advises him to start again and create a new life, even if is difficult move forward after the separation.

  • "Frames & Cheaters"

    G&T | S2:E3 | During a vernissage, both Giulio and Tommaso, as well as Sara and Gianluca are facing their demons. In T-Bios, family run business of Tebaldi, Serena and Renato are sharing a secret. They have a plan and Serena wants revenge.

  • "Confidences & Tramps"

    G&T | S2:E4 | Gianluca receives an unexpected surprise: someone has coming looking for his help. Meanwhile, Sara confesses her deep drama to new roommate Nicolas over tea.