Gay Hollywood Dad

Gay Hollywood Dad

6 Episodes

Single gay dad Quentin Lee juggles between raising his newborn baby by himself, and making his means as an acclaimed independent filmmaker in Hollywood.

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Gay Hollywood Dad
  • "From Hollywood to Marietta"

    Episode 1

    Gay Hollywood Dad | S1:E1 | Quentin talks about surrogacy, and the baby's birth.

  • "Three Musketeers"

    Episode 2

    Gay Hollywood Dad | S1:E2 | Quentin talks about putting together the baby’s 100 day party.

  • "On Halloween"

    Episode 3

    Gay Hollywood Dad | S1:E3 | Quentin discusses shooting the first short film “On Halloween” with the baby in LA.

  • "Hong Kong Granny"

    Episode 4

    Gay Hollywood Dad | S1:E4 | Quentin and the baby travel to Hong Kong to meet the baby's grandmother for the first time.

  • "San Diego Asian Film Festival"

    Episode 5

    Gay Hollywood Dad | S1:E5 | Quentin and the baby go to his first film festival in San Diego.

  • "First Christmas"

    Episode 6

    Gay Hollywood Dad | S1:E6 | In Vancouver, Quentin discusses spending his first Christmas with the baby and his father.