Gay of Thrones

Gay of Thrones

7 Episodes

Hairstylist extraordinaire Jonathan Van Ness recaps new episodes of Game of Thrones using his unique brand of panache, flair, and fabulousness.

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Gay of Thrones
  • "Dragonweave"

    Episode 1

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E1 | Jonathan loves three things - Top knots with intention, Ouai wave spray and Game of Thrones. With guest and Gay of Thrones creator Erin Gibson.

  • "Sloreborn"

    Episode 2

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E2 | Jonathan loves three things - Hydrating Shampoo, Romphims, and Game of Thrones. With guest and host of Talk Show the Game Show, Guy Branum.

  • "The Kween’s Juicefast"

    Episode 3

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E3 | Jonathan loves three things: Maxine Waters, Cover FX and Game of Thrones. With The Mick’s Carla Jimenez.

  • “The Sores of Whores“

    Episode 4

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E4 | Jonathan loves three things - Space Buns, Kamala Harris, and Game of Thrones. With Amanda Seales from HBO's Insecure.

  • "Yeastwatch"

    Episode 5

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E5 | Jonathan loves three things - Oil Cleansers, Neighborhood Diners, and Game of Thrones. With Guest Bryan Safi.

  • "Behind the Balls"

    Episode 6

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E6 | Jonathan loves three things: Authentic spirits, gender fluidity, and Game of Thrones. With GLOW’s Kimmy Gatewood.

  • "Drag Him & The Scruff"

    Episode 7

    Gay of Thrones | S7:E7 | Jonathan loves three things: Brickle, aperitifs, and Game of Thrones. With Lady Dynamite's Maria Bamford.