6 Episodes

REVRY's first original series is here! "Gayborhood" is a full-length mock-reality series set in Chicago's LGBTQ neighborhood. Using satire and over-the-top humor, "Gayborhood" provides an irreverent commentary on the current state of reality TV and queer culture – all seen through the lens of a wacky and outrageous band of friends living in this vibrant neighborhood. Narcissistic drag queens, sex addicts, “fish out of water” Midwest gay folk, and – of course – everyone’s favorite, love-starved, gal pal all make up the Gayborhood.

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  • "Where Are My Friiieeends"

    Episode 1

    Gayborhood | S1:E1 | Adrian’s event doesn’t go as expected. Leacy prepares a first date. Sethe unveils his new art installation and it leaves D’ante with questions. Casey’s hook up isn’t quite what he expected and Blaine has problems adjusting. 

  • "#ClassicCasey"

    Episode 2

    Gayborhood | S1:E2 | S*@% goes down with Casey and the group is left trying to pick up the pieces.

  • "BLOWN By Bocaj"

    Episode 3

    Gayborhood | S1:E3 | Blaine has big news. Events at a salon opening send ripples through the group. Clay and Leacy throw a party at her Grandma’s.

  • "You're All I Think About"

    Episode 4

    Gayborhood | S1:E4 | Adrian throws a brunch but he can’t remember who he invited. Leacy’s sister is in town. Things accelerate with Blaine and the Cowboy. Sethe’s art exhibition is underwhelming and overwhelming at the same time.

  • "I Am The Surprise Queen"

    Episode 5

    Gayborhood | S1:E5 | Adrian tries to revive his drag persona. Blaine's bachelor party is filled with surprises. Leacy feels excluded.

  • "Twice Burnt Lasagna"

    Episode 6

    Gayborhood | S1:E6 | Blaine's parents fly in for the weekend, the group endures a tense dinner, and things come to a head with Willard as the wedding draws closer.