Goodnight Burbank

Goodnight Burbank

6 Episodes

When you’re watching the news, have you ever stopped to think what’s going on in the anchors' off-air moments? Wonder no more as Goodnight Burbank takes you behind the scenes during a live half-hour newscast from a garage in Burbank (their studio burned down). Goodnight Burbank is the first half-hour comedy made for the web as well as the first half-hour show to go as is from web to TV when, on the day it debuted on Hulu, it was picked up for HDNet by Mark Cuban. Starring Laura Silverman, Hayden Black, Dominic Monaghan and guest-appearances from John Barrowman, Juliet Landau, Jim Rash, Fran Kranz, and loads more!

Created, written and produced by Hayden Black, the star of Abigail’s Teen Diary, the award-winning, pioneering Goodnight Burbank has been viewed in the multi-millions; has been dubbed “the best of the Web” by TV Guide, “a lot better than 99% of the stuff on TV” by USA Today, “thoroughly entertaining” by the Hollywood Reporter, “brilliant” by the BBC, and “a wicked satire [that’s] bracingly funny” by The LA Times. But don’t just take their word for it. Check it out yourself!

Goodnight Burbank: Breaking News. Broken Reporters.

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Goodnight Burbank
  • "What Goes Up"

    Episode 1

    Goodnight Burbank | S1:E1 | Ever wondered what your favorite news anchors talk about when they've thrown to a field reporter...?

    In tonight's edition, the lighting guy takes an accidental dive to his death just before the newscast begins. But the show must go on.

  • "Car Chase"

    Episode 2

    Goodnight Burbank | S1:E2 | There's a car chase. Car chase? CAR CHASE!

  • "The Phantom of the Garage"

    Episode 3

    Goodnight Burbank | S1:E3 | A member of PETA takes Holly hostage at gun point - during the newscast.

  • "Demon Seed"

    Episode 4

    Goodnight Burbank | S1:E4 | Whitney (Laura Silverman) brings her goddaughter to the studio - who wreaks Hell. Special guest appearance by Dr Who/Torchwood's John Barrowman.

  • "Lesbians on Acid"

    Episode 5

    Goodnight Burbank | S1:E5 | The brownies are laced with acid and the fire marshall's visiting and Yan wants to play one of the Estonian porn movies he directed.

    Guest starring Jim Rash (Community) & Fran Kranz (Cabin In The Woods).

  • "The Casting Couch"

    Episode 6

    Goodnight Burbank | S1:E6 | The newscast becomes a memorial when the late lighting guy's family show up to hold a vigil.

    Special guest appearance by Doctor Who/Torchwood star, John Barrowman!