Her Story

Her Story

6 Episodes

This Emmy-nominated and Peabody Award-Winning series looks inside the dating lives of trans & queer women as they navigate the intersections of desire and identity.

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Her Story
  • "Episode 01"

    Episode 1

    Her Story | S1:E1 | Violet, a waitress in Los Angeles, is approached by a reporter named Allie for a story about transgender women. Paige, an attorney for Lambda Legal, works on a case representing a trans woman who was denied entry into a women's shelter.

  • "Episode 2"

    Episode 2

    Her Story | S1:E2 | Allie and Violet's interview lunch takes a flirtatious turn, and Allie learns that her friend Lisa holds some views that surprise her. A handsome stranger catches Paige's eye.

  • "Episode 3"

    Episode 3

    Her Story | S1:E3 | Paige goes out to dinner with James, and it goes differently than her typical dates. Meanwhile, Allie and Violet find they have more in common than they realized.

  • "Episode 4"

    Episode 4

    Her Story | S1:E4 | Violet and Allie are getting closer than ever when they experience a menacing interruption. Lisa tries to debate Paige about the case she's working on. Paige begins to open up to James.

  • "Episode 5"

    Episode 5

    Her Story | S1:E5 | A musician friend of Violet's gives a wild concert that ends with Allie fearing for Vi's safety.

  • "Episode 6"

    Episode 6

    Her Story | S1:E6 | After making a shocking discovery in the morning paper, Paige confronts the person who has wronged her. Paige and Violet must face whether recent events will ruin their burgeoning relationships.