Watch this video and more on revry

Watch this video and more on revry

"Episode 3"

Her Story, Season 1, Episode 3 – 7m 43s

Up Next in Season 1

  • "Episode 4"

    Her Story | S1:E4 | Violet and Allie are getting closer than ever when they experience a menacing interruption. Lisa tries to debate Paige about the case she's working on. Paige begins to open up to James.

  • "Episode 5"

    Her Story | S1:E5 | A musician friend of Violet's gives a wild concert that ends with Allie fearing for Vi's safety.

  • "Episode 6"

    Her Story | S1:E6 | After making a shocking discovery in the morning paper, Paige confronts the person who has wronged her. Paige and Violet must face whether recent events will ruin their burgeoning relationships.