House Poor

House Poor

3 Episodes

A recent empty nester rents rooms to pay her house taxes and mortgage via an AirBNB style service. Enter a fun stream of youthful and eccentric characters coming in and out of her once peaceful existence, driving her nuts and in some cases, teaching her a lesson or two about love.

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House Poor
  • "Rent Their Rooms?"

    Episode 1

    House Poor | S1:E1 | When Stefani can’t pay her electric bill much less her property taxes, Bret suggests she rent rooms. At, Stefani finds both Sunshine (A.K.A. Raven), a twenty-something energy healer who changes her name as often as her hair color, and Jonah, a young musi...

  • "Lucky Me"

    Episode 2

    House Poor | S1:E2 | Stefani starts to get paranoid when one by one, she finds that everyone is writing about her – a Frenchman she picked up at an art gallery seduces her with a flattering poem, her best friend Bret writes an unflattering journalismpiece and Jonah, her tenant, writes a song that...

  • "Raven Returns"

    Episode 3

    House Poor | S1:E3 | Stefani’s very first tenant, Raven, a millennial energy-healer with mulit-colored hair, drives Stefani nuts! Well-meaning, with a birthday gift of champagne, Raven bursts in on Stefani and her boyfriend, and later, unplugs the router because she thinks it’s toxic energy – lea...