6 Episodes

Benjamin Aubergine has the worst job in the world – delivering hug-o-grams.

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  • "Mark Rhyne's Hug-O-Gram"

    Episode 1

    Hug-O-Gram | S1:E1 | Benjamin tries quitting Mark Rhyne's Hug-O-Gram, only to have his boss convince him to deliver one more hug-o-gram.

  • "Golden Showers"

    Episode 2

    Hug-O-Gram | S1:E2 | Benjamin and Mark argue about clients before uniting against a rival hugger, Golden Mendelsohn.

  • "The Romanian Walrus"

    Episode 3

    Hug-O-Gram | S1:E3 | Benjamin delivers a hug-o-gram to the Romanian Walrus from his ex-girlfriend to celebrate his new tattoo.

  • "The Tongue Twister"

    Episode 4

    Hug-O-Gram | S1:E4 | Mark Rhyne hires Charlotte, a new office manager to deal with the Golden Mendelsohn problem.

  • "Making The Commercial"

    Episode 5

    Hug-O-Gram | S1:E5 | Charlotte, the new office manager, decides they need to make a commercial to increase business.

  • "The Hug Off"

    Episode 6

    Hug-O-Gram | S1:E6 | Golden challenges Benjamin to a hug off—the winner takes this town, the suburbs and the farms, just outside the suburbs.