I'm From Driftwood

I'm From Driftwood

32 Episodes

"I'm From Driftwood" is an online archive of first person LGBTQ stories. The Video Stories, published weekly, send a message to LGBTQ people everywhere: you are not alone.

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I'm From Driftwood
  • "Laverne Cox: I'm From Mobile"

    Episode 1

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E1 | Laverne Cox remembers the bullying she experienced as a child, and how it's similar to the transphobia she experiences as an adult.

  • What is I'm From Driftwood? | Trailer

    Episode 2

    "I'm From Driftwood": The archive of LGBT stories to promote understanding, acceptance, belonging, and empathy.

  • "New Teacher Encounters Homophobia In Second Week"

    Episode 3

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E2 | Alexa moved from New York City to small-town Jackson, Mississippi, to teach at an under-priveleged school. After only two weeks in, Alexa had to challenge homophobia in the hallway, and had some surprising success.

  • "Coming Out Again To Grandma With Alzheimer's"

    Episode 4

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E3 | Megan's grandma was supportive and excited when she found out Megan was a lesbian. But after showing signs of Alzheimer's, Megan's grandma forgot and kept asking her if she was seeing any special boy. Megan received a special phone call from her grandma, though, that ...

  • "Gender Bending and Runway Walking in a McDonald's Parking Lot"

    Episode 5

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E4 | Jacob Tobia, activist for genderqueer, gender non-conforming, and transgender issues, bought a single pair of black pumps while organizing a Gender Nonconforming Day for their high school, a small act that would change the course of their life.

  • "Homeless, Transgender and Finding Her Way"

    Episode 6

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E5 | After being kicked out of her home at 17, Angela Louis struggled with homelessness, abusive relationships, sex work, and depression, all while transitioning, but nothing could stop her from finding her own path and earning her diploma. "At the end of the day you have ...

  • "Trans Woman Sacrifices Everything To Finally Be Herself"

    Episode 7

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E6 | Mila Jam had it all, or so she thought. Her drag persona, Britney Houston, had a massive YouTube following and she performed on a hit TV show in London. But she gave it all up so that she could finally live her truth as a woman and as herself.

  • "Transgender High School Student Encounters Cyberbullying, Confronts Bully In Library"

    Episode 8

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E7 | Olivia Page was brave enough to transition in high school. Unfortunately, a classmate decided to cyberbully her on Facebook. Olivia also had the support and kindness of a teacher who helped her through high school.

  • "A Broken Down Car, Matching Tattoos, And A Love Story"

    Episode 9

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E8 | A wild series of events led Sam to meeting the love of her life.

  • "Agender Person Goes From Being Bullied In The Newark Projects To Gracing The Cover of French Vogue"

    Episode 10

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E9 | Andre J. wants to tell you one thing: Love Yourself. That's how Andre went from being bullied in the projects to appearing on the cover of French Vogue.

  • "Alan Cumming: True Bisexual Stories"

    Episode 11

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E10 | Alan Cumming remembers when he first felt an attraction to guys and how he came out to American media in a big way.

  • "Being Queer in the Country"

    Episode 12

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E11 | Rachel grew up in a small West Virginia town. After living in other larger cities she learns the importance of letting "country queers" know that it's okay to stay in rural towns.

  • "Defying What's Blackness, What's Femininity and What's Masculinity"

    Episode 13

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E12 | One group of people told Icon to "act like a man." Another group told him to "femme it up" and to be a "big black girl" and to "snap, snap, snap and be sassy." Icon decided to ignore them all and just be Icon.

  • "Drag Culture Really Does Have A Place In Society"

    Episode 14

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E13 | When Vincent Cooper first saw a drag queen, he was physically repulsed. Over the years, he learned to not only embrace them but view them as an important part of society.

  • "Football, Family and Coming Out"

    Episode 15

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E14 | Robbie comes out to his mom in the middle of her beloved Seattle Seahawks football game. And some things just have to wait till commercial.

  • "I Am A UFO Child That Was Left Here By Mistake"

    Episode 16

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E15 | Cecilia Gentili's brother told her she was an alien. Being transgender, she thought it might be true.

  • "I Had to Ditch the Trans Narrative and Finally Start Writing My Own"

    Episode 17

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E16 | After watching "Priscilla Queen of the Desert", Kathryn Gonzales learned what "transgender" meant. After attempting unsuccessfully to transition five times, Kathryn had an epiphany at a stop light and finally found her own path.

  • "I Promised Myself I Would Never Bully Again"

    Episode 18

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E17 | After making derogatory comments about a gay classmate, Joseph's friend tells him something that changes him forever.

  • "Ian McKellen Would Be Proud Of Me"

    Episode 19

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E18 | When Adam Sandel first moved to San Francisco, he had the pleasure of interviewing out and proud actor Sir Ian McKellen, who gave Adam some advice that changed his life.

  • "Im Black, Jewish, But Guess What? Im Also Gay"

    Episode 20

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E19 | Jason Daniel Fair has a white, Jewish mother and a black, Christian dad. His dad gave him advice as a child that helped him embrace his differences and shaped who he is as a gay man.

  • "Im Christian But Im Also a Very Out Lesbian"

    Episode 21

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E20 | Crystal Cheatham was told by her church that she had the voice, an incredible gift of playing the guitar, the ability to lead a band, to write music, and to mentor children. But all that meant nothing to them because she's a "practicing homosexual."

  • "James Clementi Chooses Compassion and Activism After Brother's Death"

    Episode 22

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E21 | After the tragic death of his brother Tyler, James decides to live a life of compassion and activism.

  • "Man With Cerebral Palsy Recalls First Experience At Gay Bar"

    Episode 23

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E22 | Andrew, who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair, remembers the excitement of going to a gay bar for the first time and the reality that sets in once he arrives.

  • "Men Are Gay Because They Like Men. You Should Think About Putting on a Little Muscle Next Time"

    Episode 24

    I'm From Driftwood | S1:E23 | Jason was a ballet dancer during most of his teenage years and into his 20s. He was celebrated for being thin. During one of his first times at a gay bar, he was told he's too skinny and needed to put on some muscle, leading him down a path of taking testosterone and...