2 Seasons

Judys is a comedy about drama! Centered around a group of friends: (Harper, Macen, Carvin, and Ezell) and their adventures in gay Atlanta.

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  • "Pilot"
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Judys | S1:E1 | Four friends spend the summer navigating the streets of gay Atlanta.

  • "MenAfter10"

    Episode 2

    Judys | S1:E2 | Harper's night out turns out to be a real "treat." Ezell questions German's whereabouts. Macen considers Marissa's threat. Carvin continues his search for the ever-elusive HotDickDamn77.

  • "Only Judy Can Judge Me"

    Episode 3

    Judys | S1:E3 | Carvin wakes up to a new day and a new regret. Macen confronts Mari ssa about his car. Ezell becomes suspicious of Harper and Macen's friendship. Harper claims his new crown.