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Kiss & Tell Radio unites the community by tackling social topics through LGBT art, media, and events. Originally created as an LGBT dating and relationship panel in 2015, Kiss & Tell is designed to open the door and create a platform for unspoken yet necessary conversations and freely discuss topics the LGBT community experience. Many times, we see a division in our community, although we share the same acronym. From dating, character building, social and personal acceptance, to mental and physical health, Kiss & Tell encourages everyone to live in their truth.

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Kiss & Tell Radio
  • "Madame President"

    Episode 25

    Kiss & Tell Radio | Shar and Jayce talk entertainment.

  • "What's A BQ?"

    Episode 26

    Kiss & Tell Radio | This episode the whole LA #KATradio comes together for a lively conversation about the election results, Kanye West and the taboo conversation about mental health in the black community, HBO's Insecure and masculinity, and some dating advice for one of our listeners!

  • "So Problematic"

    Episode 27

    Kiss & Tell Radio | Shar, Jayce, and Kendal talk news, politics, and relationships.

  • "#HiddenFences"

    Episode 28

  • "Cassette Michele"

    Episode 29

    Kiss & Tell Radio | After debriefing Jayce's B'day shenanigans and Inaugural Ball Performance, Kendall goes into to the Oscar nominations. Shar dives into Tamera Mowry being "checked" by her white husband leading into a discussion on interracial relationship do's and don'ts. Jayce bring up the to...