Life in Segments

Life in Segments

3 Seasons

“Karel: Life In Segments” is an honest, organic news magazine show merging lifestyle talk and issues. Always informed and on point about the world news, Karel will get out of the traditional talk studio setting and bring viewers the news and the real issues underneath it in a fun, compelling, honest way.

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Life in Segments
  • "Episode 01"

    Episode 1

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E1 | Episode one features a dumpster-diving #StreetTalk segment on how Republicans seem to believe the poor have a safety net that’s adequate. Karel takes to the streets to talk to the homeless about the subject in a way only he can. Then it’s a no-holds-barred discus...

  • "Episode 2"

    Episode 2

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E2 | Karel takes on calories with #TheFoodGroup with special guest star Drag Diva Jewels of Long Beach. #StudioK will see Karel, musical director Morgan Mallory and tenor Daniel Charleston from the Pacific Opera Project as they sip Nog and discover the sometimes start...

  • "Episode 3"

    Episode 3

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E3 | The third episode of Life In Segments goes to a new high - literally - as Karel legally medicates as part of Cannabis Corner, visits a legal pot dispensary as well as a way to grow Cannabis and other crops indoors and unnoticed. Things heat up on The Karel Cast a...

  • “Episode 4"

    Episode 4

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E4 | Karel takes a look at surviving as an artist in the 21st Century. First, we go on location to the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles for the launch of the Icelandic-based platform, then visit with a representative from . We head to Social in Costa Mesa, ...

  • "Episode 5"

    Episode 5

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E5 | No Pay Co Pay, Is That Fair? #SegmentMed shows us why independent pharmacies are becoming a thing of a bygone era. Prescription Benefit Managers are running them out of business, and insurance companies often are giving them zero copay. Sometimes, the pharmacy ha...

  • "Episode 6"

    Episode 6

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E6 | Broke, it’s the American Way. #SegmentCash finds Karel on Rodeo Drive talking to Leon Bayer, a bankruptcy attorney, about going broke in America. #USAnimals focuses on the Cost of Kitty Litter, the real cost to the environment and introduces us to a better way: C...

  • "Episode 7"

    Episode 7

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E7 | #WhatTheFrack
    Stop Fracking Long Beach’s Elliot Gonzales joins Karel to talk about how fracking is hiding under most cities without residents even knowing it. What can be done? It runs the gamut.

    The average person spends over $1500 a year on Ca...

  • "Episode 8"

    Episode 8

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E8 | Karel takes a look at why cities and states are getting legal cannabis wrong in #CannabisCorner. Jim and Judy Abrams as well as Larry King (not that one) frankly discuss the challenges facing cities like Long Beach, CA and around the country as pot becomes legal ...

  • "Episode 9"

    Episode 9

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E9 | First, Karel goes to #ThePit at Park Howard, the conversation place, and speaks to Porter Gilberg, Executive Director of The Center Long Beach to talk about the #LGBTQA+ Alphabet soup of gay. Is it good to be inclusive to all sexual minorities or has it become to...

  • "Episode 10"

    Episode 10

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E10 | Karel believes the time has come to end the GOP on #RantItOut. #UsAnimals shows us how to make our own healthy pet food and a raucous #TheKarelCast rounds things out on the Summer Blockbuster Phenom with Eric Davis from Fandango.

  • "Episode 11"

    Episode 11

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E11 | Karel looks at the #MathofAmerica from a personal perspective that touches home for everyone. #Cookingforthe99 shows you how to feed yourself on $15 a day. Karel attacks domestic terrorists and the guns that arm them on a #KarelCast you won't forget.

  • "Episode 12"

    Episode 12

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E12 | Let’s go to Ireland! Karel takes the viewer to many areas of Ireland plus gives all kinds of interesting facts while drinking at the Auld Dubliner, LBC. Interviews include the great George Hook, the #1 Presenter in Ireland.

  • "Episode 13"

    Episode 13

    Karel: Life in Segments | S1:E13 | Karel begins with two rants for the price of one on #RantItOut. First: What’s standing in your way to your goals? Could it be you? And, the solution to big game hunting is simple, Karel shares. Then on #UsAnimals Karel takes a look at the multi-billion dollar fl...