Little Devil | The Series

Little Devil | The Series

4 Episodes

Spoof behind the scenes stories that follow a disabled actresses rise to fame in the murky & f**ked up world of the movie business.

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Little Devil | The Series
  • "Webisode 1"

    Episode 1

    Little Devil | S1:E1 | Sam’s indie film role gets her the attention of J.J.Abrams – and the wrath of her jealous director.

  • "Webisode 2 (Guest star - Baylen Leonard)"

    Episode 2

    Little Devil | S1:E2 | Sam gets a fast lesson in dealing with the gentlemen of the press at her movie premiere in London.

  • "Webisode 3 (Guest star - Nathan Evans)"

    Episode 3

    Little Devil | S1:E3 | Hollywood comes calling for Sam – but she makes enemies after stealing a mogul’s idea and ditching her old director.

  • "Websiode 4 (Guest stars - Johanna Londinium & Jeff Chandler)"

    Episode 4

    Little Devil | S1:E4 | Humble British actress, Sam Renke, is catapulted into the realms of Hollywood royalty with her blockbuster movie, Gone With The Wind 2: Europe In Flames. But her ambition and greed brings about a calamity for her beloved charity, Orphans Reunited, and enemies are closing in.