10 Episodes

"Love@FirstNight" is a scripted romantic comedy based web series about 2 men finding love after a hook up. Although their connection is seamless, they can't escape the issues affecting their blossoming relationship. Spencer and Jayden walks us through the stages of their petty unconventional love story.

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  • "Cheers"
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E1 | Jayden & Spencer walk us through how they met. They fall in love after a hook up but Jayden has a secret that could change everything.

  • "Hot Sauce and Ketchup"

    Episode 2

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E2 | Both Jayden and Spencer are counseled by their trusted advisors to fix whatever damage has been done and work it out.

  • "Sex & Almond Mylk"

    Episode 3

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E3 | After 3 weeks of dating Spencer and Jayden have a heart to heart. Spencer makes a discovery that raises questions about their relationship.

  • "2 Years Ago"

    Episode 4

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E4 | Spencer confronts Jayden about his recent discovery which opens a can of worms about Jayden's past. Will Spencer stand by Jayden's side or leave?

  • "Behind The Schemes"

    Episode 5

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E5 | We take a trip back in time to see what REALLY happened before & during Alex's birthday party. Did he really mislead Jayden into thinking they were going to have sex?

  • "Where The Henny At?"

    Episode 6

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E6 | Jaydens sister (Deidra) throws her 6 month old a "Birthday" party, however, things turn sour during a sibling rivalry.

  • "The Honeymoon's Over"

    Episode 7

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E7 | Spencer and Jayden experiences the death of their Honeymoon phase.

  • "Social Media-tion"

    Episode 8

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E8 | Alex, Gary and Ian meet at the bar and discuss being single, Spencer and Jayden's relationship and accountability. In the end, Alex questions if his hatred towards Spencer and Jayden are valid.

  • "Surrender"

    Episode 9

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E9 | While Jayden loves Spencer, he really wants time for his creative endeavors. He's bombarded by both Spencer and Deidra with their personal issues. Spencer and Alex finally have a heart to heart.

  • "Small World"

    Episode 10

    Love@FirstNight | S1:E10 | Jayden and Spencer closes this chapter of their story where they first met, at Alex's Birthday bash. However, an unexpected guest turns things upside down.