Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

76 Episodes

DIY ideas for fashion, home decor, jewelry and thrift store finds!

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Make Your Mark
  • "20 Questions"

    Episode 1

    Make Your Mark | Get to know me as my assistant, Julie, asks me your hard hitting questions!

  • "Bottle Cap Crosses"

    Episode 2

    Make Your Mark | Join Mark Montano as he creates Mexican Folk Art inspired crosses with Americana Multi-Surface and bottle caps!

  • "Bottle Cap Boho Mirror"

    Episode 3

    Make Your Mark | Make a chic boho mirror with recycled bottle caps!

  • "Boho Flower Pillows"

    Episode 4

    Make Your Mark | Add a vibrant burst of color to your home with boho flower pillows!

  • "Easy Marquee Letters (Trash to Treasure)"

    Episode 5

    Make Your Mark | Make funky marquee letters with discarded styrofoam!

  • "Alice Bottles"

    Episode 6

    Make Your Mark | Mark Montano is so excited about the newest Alice in Wonderland movie "Through the Looking Glass" that he created these mixed media bottles in honor of a few of the key characters!

  • "Fall Table Setting Ideas"

    Episode 7

    Make Your Mark | Theodore Leaf and I give you tons of great ideas for Fall Table Decor.

  • "Frida Kahlo Earrings"

    Episode 8

    Make Your Mark | Make a statement with vibrant Frida Kahlo earrings!

  • "Boho Rag Rug Floor Pouf"

    Episode 9

    Make Your Mark | Make a charming floor pouf ottoman out of rag rugs!

  • "Easy Boho Feather and Moon Phase Wall Decor"

    Episode 10

    Make Your Mark | Give your home decor a boho touch with moons and feathers!

  • "DIY Wood Printing Blocks"

    Episode 11

    Make Your Mark | Design wood printing blocks inspired by adult coloring book pages!

  • "Bird And Butterfly Museum Displays"

    Episode 12

    Make Your Mark | Design enchanting museum-worthy scenes with birds and butterflies using dollar store items!

  • "DIY Decor With Wood Clothespins"

    Episode 13

    Make Your Mark | How to make rustic DIY Decor with wood clothespins. Make tea light holders, vases and trivets that can double as wall decor and table scaling.

  • "Beautiful Butterfly Cape"

    Episode 14

    Make Your Mark | Step right off of the runway with this beautiful (and easy to make) butterfly cape. Only one stitch on a sewing machine and two simple cuts. No pattern required.

  • "Creepy Halloween Skull Wreath DIY"

    Episode 15

    Make Your Mark | Add a bone-chilling skull wreath to your Halloween decor!

  • "Bejeweled Boho Cardboard Mirror"

    Episode 16

    Make Your Mark | That's right! I used cardboard to make this beautiful boho mirror.

  • "Fun Halloween Makeup"

    Episode 17

    Make Your Mark | I transformed my crazy assistant, Julie, into a Lichtenstein-inspired character! It was a blast making her face into a pop art, comic book treasure.

  • "Fabulous Shoe Makeover DIY"

    Episode 18

    Make Your Mark | Mark and Kelly Nishimoto (fashion designer to the stars) makeover a basic black pump and give you tons of possibilities!

  • "Alice In Wonderland Bookcase Makeover"

    Episode 19

    Make Your Mark | Give a bookcase a stunning Wonderland makeover!

  • "Back to School Belt and Shoes Makeover"

    Episode 20

    Make Your Mark | Why not save some cash and UP-Style some of your older accessories for back to school? Grab some multi-Surface paint and you'll have a whole new wardrobe!

  • "How to: Book Bracelet DIY"

    Episode 21

    Make Your Mark | Make your own book page bracelet inspired by Rembrandt Award winners Lyske Gais and Lia Duinker!

  • "How to: Make a Hoodie From 2 T-Shirts"

    Episode 22

    Make Your Mark | In this week's Make Your Mark you'll learn how to make a stylish hoodie from 2 t-shirts and two simple stitches. It's another t-shirt challenge that's SEW easy!

  • "How to: Steampunk Coat from Oz The Great and Powerful"

    Episode 23

    Make Your Mark | On this special episode of Make Your Mark! I'm collaborating with the talented K.L from SecretLifeofaBioNerd! We're making garments inspired by Oz The Great and Powerful!

  • "How to: Fabric Jewelry"

    Episode 24

    Make Your Mark | Make funky fabric jewelry with your favorite images!