Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

11 Episodes

DIY ideas for fashion, home decor, jewelry and thrift store finds!

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Make Your Mark
  • "20 Questions"

    Episode 1

    Make Your Mark | Get to know me as my assistant, Julie, asks me your hard hitting questions!

  • "Allure Christmas Ornaments"

    Episode 2

    Make Your Mark | Create dazzling ornaments for your Christmas tree!

  • "Christmas Vases"

    Episode 3

    Make Your Mark | Make a gorgeous vase for the holidays!

  • "Affirmation Stones"

    Episode 4

    Make Your Mark | Spread positivity with bright affirmation stones!

  • "Bottle Cap Crosses"

    Episode 5

    Make Your Mark | Join Mark Montano as he creates Mexican Folk Art inspired crosses with Americana Multi-Surface and bottle caps!

  • "Bottle Cap Boho Mirror"

    Episode 6

    Make Your Mark | Make a chic boho mirror with recycled bottle caps!

  • "Boho Ribbon DYI"

    Episode 7

    Make Your Mark | Create colorful ribbon trim in no time!

  • "Boho Chair"

    Episode 8

    Make Your Mark | Give a chair a beautiful and bold makeover with a Suzani!

  • "Boho Flower Pillows"

    Episode 9

    Make Your Mark | Add a vibrant burst of color to your home with boho flower pillows!

  • "Alice Bottles"

    Episode 10

    Make Your Mark | Mark Montano is so excited about the newest Alice in Wonderland movie "Through the Looking Glass" that he created these mixed media bottles in honor of a few of the key characters!

  • "Frida Kahlo Earrings"

    Episode 11

    Make Your Mark | Make a statement with vibrant Frida Kahlo earrings!