3 Seasons

Delve into the personal lives of the alternative crowd: the freaks, the geeks, those who have different tastes in music, clothing, and lovers. Follow Ginge, Tails, Beki, and Skull as they learn to take risks, get over the past, and fall in and out of love and friendship.

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  • "Intervention"

    Episode 1

    Metalhedz | S1:E1 | The group hit the bar for a night of banter, though it's mostly dominated by the guys acting like typical guys, much to the girls' disgust. Ginge drops a few unsubtle hints about Beki and Tails' obvious attraction to each other but failure to do anything about it, much to thei...

  • "Party Hard"

    Episode 2

    Metalhedz | S1:E2 | The guys are having a party! Though there is a good chance Ginge is just using it as an excuse to invite Chloe, the girl he met at the bar and can't stop thinking about. She turns up and spends the night destroying his advances with a roll of her eyes and a grin on her face. G...

  • "Nookie"
    Episode 3


    Episode 3

    Metalhedz | S1:E3 | The party continues on, and though Ginge has been knocked down, he is determined to confront Chloe as to why she is so repulsed by him. It's a bit of a reality check for him, but one Ginge needs to hear if he's going to ever grow as a person. Tails is feeling deflated by yet a...

  • "Girls, Girls, Girls"

    Episode 4

    Metalhedz | S1:E4 | The guys are out on a night of debauchery! However, as Skull's usual attempts at chatting up girls have utterly disastrous results, Ginge decides it's time to try and teach Tails the appropriate way to engage a girl in conversation at a bar. She has to be better than Skull, ri...

  • "Dude Looks Like A Lady"

    Episode 5

    Metalhedz | S1:E5 | As the night continues on at the bar, Tails has successfully managed to chat up a girl and buy her a drink without completely making a fool of herself! There's just one thing she's forgetting. Meanwhile, Chloe arrives for a night out and is instantly approached by Ginge. Howev...

  • "Redefine"

    Episode 6

    Metalhedz | S1:E6 | Ginge is suffering from dreams that terrify him worse than nightmares. As he and Chloe are beginning to blossom into a romance, he remembers why he's avoided relationships. Tails is horribly hungover and forced to admit why it is she is so scared to make a move on Beki, and so...

  • "Make A Move"

    Episode 7

    Metalhedz | S1:E7 | This is it, the night of revelations! Will Chloe decide to overlook Ginge's checkered past with girls in order to start dating him, or will she offer him the hand of friendship so that he can build up her trust in him as a person? Will Tails finally realize that Beki is right ...