Night Helix

Night Helix

2 Episodes

Night Helix is a dark wave audio project by Ben Ross Davis primarily influenced by new wave, industrial and house. The newest EP “American Scream” was written, produced and recorded by Ben between Bushwick and Berlin. Regular collaborators include Zak Keene who does album/video art, and Shareef Islam who masters the audio. The music attempts to experiment and explore electronic music and new instrumentation methods.

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Night Helix
  • American Scream

    Episode 1

    "American Scream" is the debut video by Night Helix. Video was directed by Chase Dillon of Pent Up Studios. Featuring Elayna Lopez and Robert Vail

  • Dark Water

    Episode 2

    Dark Water is the second video off the "American Scream" EP by Night Helix. Visuals by Zak Keene.