No Your City

No Your City

2 Seasons

In a city of over 8 million people it is impossible to walk the streets without running into interesting New Yorkers with unique relationships to the city. New York City is filled with characters with stories worth hearing, but unfortunately most of them go unheard. No Your City.

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No Your City
  • "Shaun"
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    No Your City | S1:E1 | Shaun can be seen throughout New York City operating his rickshaw in a Spider-man costume. Like any superhero, Shaun has had his run-ins with the authorities, but says "once I came down to the Village, I never had a problem, the cops would turn on their lights and yell 'Yo ...

  • "Te'Devan"

    Episode 2

    No Your City | S1:E2 | Te'Devan is a sight to see. He towers over the crowd and can often be seen with his sign informing passersby that hes a 6'7" Nomadic-Jewish-Healing-Freestyler.

  • "Don Ward"

    Episode 3

    No Your City | S1:E3 | Don Ward is a staple of Times Square. The Manhattan shoe shiner has no problem telling his customers and passersby how it is ("I got the gasoline, you got the match? We gonna burn those babies"). If you want to get the full Don treatment just follow the sound of his shouts.

  • "Matthew Silver"

    Episode 4

    No Your City | S1:E4 | Matthew Silver is an infamous polarizing figure who takes a "No Fear and All Love" approach to the streets of New York. His fans describe Matthew as someone who "puts smiles on peoples faces, you know, that's like one day you come through here and had a hard day at school, ...

  • "Hanksy"
    Episode 5


    Episode 5

    No Your City | S1:E5 | New York City street artist Hanksy hasn't let fame go to his head. Hanksy has managed to remain a mystery even while hosting art shows in abandoned tenements and getting shout outs from Stephen Colbert. Hanksy's art can be found all over the streets of New York City, in thi...

  • "Kalan"
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    No Your City | S1:E6 | Meet Kalan. Kalan admits he likes to do "weird stuff in public," and "act like an insane person." New York City offers a unique canvas for Kalan to express his performance art. Just don't try to document his work or take his photo, he hates that—in his words, "he's not inte...

  • "Aaron"
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    No Your City | S1:E7 | Aaron is an urban explorer who does not like to be "binded by arbitrary laws". As such, instead of hanging out at bars, Aaron leads his friends into subway tunnels for nights of drinking and smoking. "We'll bring a bocce ball set, lawn darts, even a poker table... a few tim...

  • "Joey Boots"

    Episode 8

    No Your City | S1:E8 | Joey Boots, of Howard Stern fame, is a quintessential New Yorker. Joey talks to all of the people that the average New Yorker passes by each day, including the city's homeless population. "A lot of times people will yell at me for filming someone... say it's a homeless pers...