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The Switch – 25m

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  • "Don't Give an F"

    The Switch | S1:E3 | Zoey deals with bullying at school and tricks Chris into posing as her legal guardian on parent-teacher day so she can exact her revenge. Barbara, who was fixated on "the Chris problem," eventually finds out. Meanwhile, Nate realizes that his text-message dominatrix is in the...

  • "Doomball"

    The Switch | S1:E4 | Trying to break Zoey out of her shell, Sü convinces her to join Doomball - a contact sport with a frighteningly high casualty rate. While on the hunt for a target, Chris and Antonia elbow in on the Doomball experience, but for the opposing team. Chris meets a new flame, and A...

  • "Date Night"

    The Switch | S1:E5 | Sensing underlying problems in her relationship, Sü tries to compensate by getting her friends to go out on dates. She arranges a double date - her and Russell, with Chris and this curious "Isabelle." Antonia realizes that she's no longer comfortable with her lesbian-grapevin...