Pandora Boxx

Pandora Boxx

10 Episodes

Guests and giggles galore await....if you dare to open Pandora's Boxx....

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Pandora Boxx
  • "Open the Boxx"

    Episode 1

    Pandora's Boxx | Johnny Depp, outing Olympic athletes and twerking thieves are just some of the topics on this week's show.

  • "Guests and Giggles with Glen Alen and Todd Masterson"

    Episode 2

    Pandora's Boxx | Wonder Woman, an LGBT kiss-in and Primark nudes are all chatted about in this week's show.

  • "Dolly and the Dog Mayor"

    Episode 3

    Pandora's Boxx | Guests Mariah Balenciaga and Tamer Kattan join the show to talk about Dolly Parton, the dog mayor and fried chicken sunscreen.

  • "Gay Ghosts and Pokemon Porn"

    Episode 4

    Pandora's Boxx | Guests Latrice Royale and Christopher Hamblin join the show today to chit-chat about Pokemon Go Porn, gay ghosts and legalized marijuana.

  • "Hocus Pocus and the Debate"

    Episode 5

    Pandora's Boxx | Guests Haviland Stillwell and Tye Blue stop in to chat about The Debate, queer Wonder Woman and more importantly Hocus Pocus!

  • "William and Mariah"

    Episode 6

    Pandora's Boxx | Fun irreverent chat in this week's show

  • "Clown Porning Around"

    Episode 7

    Pandora's Boxx | Guests Trixie Mattel and comedian Brad Loekle stop by to talk about All Stars 2, Clown porn and other inappropriate things.

  • "Sexy Halloween and the Amputated Penis"

    Episode 8

    Pandora's Boxx | Guest Jasmine Masters and comedian Tuesday Thomas drop by the show to chat about Kids Free Flights, an amputated penis and those not-so-sexy sexy Halloween costumes.

  • "Latrice Royale and Christopher Hamble"

    Episode 9

    The Pandora Boxx opens up again to welcome special guests RuPaul Alum Latrice Royale and Christopher Hamble.

  • "Katya and Trixie Mattel"

    Episode 10

    The Pandora Boxx opens up again to welcome special guests Katya and Trixie Mattel.