Pot Luck

Pot Luck

6 Episodes

New Zealand's first lesbian webseries has arrived!

Three friends make a pact which turns their weekly Pot Luck dinners into a search for love. Or not.

Pot Luck serves up contemporary lesbian life in three great fiavours- Debs, Beth and Mel, as they negotiate friendship, family, and finding love at their weekly pot luck dinners.

Set in Wellington this original comedy webseries is fun, sexy, and occasionally ridiculous.

Look out world ... New Zealand's first lesbian webseries has arrived!

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Pot Luck
  • Pot Luck S1:E1 'The Pact'

    Episode 1

    Debs, Mel and Beth meet up for their weekly Pot Luck dinner, but things take on a more serious note when Beth lays down a challenge.

  • Pot Luck S1:E2 'You Promised You'd Try'

    Episode 2

    Struggling to keep her hands to herself Mel pressures Debs to get a date for next Tuesday, but shy Debs is having trouble.
    Beth broaches the subject of her sexuality with her mum Eileen, but is discouraged by her response.

  • Pot Luck S1:E3 'Do You Eat Meat?'

    Episode 3

    Debs and Mel help Beth with coming out tips, then the Tuesday Pot Luck is on!

    Beth sorts the food, Mel brings the talent, Debs wonders how she can escape, and Kirsty and Laura wonder where all the fun is. Unsettled by the challenge and the vegetarian fare, Debs consoles herself with ribs.

  • Pot Luck S1:E4 'Mixed Messages'

    Episode 4

    Another Pot Luck dinner and a new bunch of women at the table.

    Beth plays matchmaker and Debs finds a spark with Sarah. Google's lack of information leaves Lucy and Emma unsure of the etiquette, and Mel struggles to keep up her side of the bargain.

  • Pot Luck S1:E5 'Lezza Dance'

    Episode 5

    Dinner's cancelled when Mel drags Debs and Beth to the hottest dance in town.
    Beth has something to celebrate, Mel uses her charm to work the room, and Debs tries unsuccessfully to hide in the corner. Some new faces make themselves known to the group, and Debs is left feeling in need of some ribs.

  • Pot Luck S1:E6 'Drought in Southland'

    Episode 6

    Beth's relationship with Eileen takes a new turn, Debs has lost her enthusiasm for the pact, and Mel is frustrated by the lack of praise for her self-control. When five women sit down to dine and the drinks start fiowing, the emotions bubble over.