The Chadwick Journals | S2:E1

The Chadwick Journals | S2:E1


The Chadwick Journals is a hybrid pre/sequel to the cult classic TV show, "The DL Chronicles".

Lead character, Chadwick Williams seeks to gain understanding to his estranged brother’s secret life by interviewing closeted men he finds on the net.
This psychological drama delves deeper into the minds of those men, oftentimes with hair-raising conclusions.

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The Chadwick Journals | S2:E1

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  • "Niquarterli"

    The Chadwick Journals | S2:E1 | In the 2nd season of The Chadwick Journals, Chadwick takes an interview with the psychologically desperate and homicidal, Niquarteli. He’s a lover scorned with deep superstitious beliefs that cloud his judgment. Can Chadwick unravel the code before Niquarteli commi...