Queens Of Kings

Queens Of Kings

2 Seasons

"Queens of Kings" takes a raw look at the stimulating and flashy lifestyle of some of Brooklyn's brightest drag stars. Each episode focuses on the intricate duality of performing in drag and the compelling story of the person behind the makeup.

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Queens Of Kings
  • "Lucy Balls"

    Episode 1

    Queens of Kings | S1:E1 | Lucy Balls is a compelling artistic drag queen, but what about the person behind the makeup. In this episode, explore the duality of Lucy's life and see what makes her the captivating engaging queen the Brooklyn community has fallen in love with.

  • "Untitled Queen"

    Episode 2

    Queens of Kings | S1:E2 | Untitled Queen is more than just a polished Brooklyn drag performer. Behind the perfect makeup and intricate looks, is an art performance presented by an inspiring drag queen. Follow Untitled Queen on her journey as she proves to the world drag is an art form, and with h...

  • "Merrie Cherry"

    Episode 3

    Queens of Kings | S1:E3 | Merrie Cherry and her larger than life personality are a staple in the Brooklyn drag scene. This confident drag queen grabs the bull by the horn and takes viewers along for the ride on her over the top drag journey and proves she has become a force to be reckoned with.

  • "Hamm Samwich"

    Episode 4

    Queens of Kings | S1:E4 | Hamm Samwich is an opinionated but loved enigma in the Brooklyn drag community. Through her performances and podcasts, Hamm expresses her unfiltered opinions and tells the stories of her life. In this episode Hamm takes the world by storm and lets them know she's here to...

  • "Misty Meaner & Mocha Lite"

    Episode 5

    Queens of Kings | S1:E5 | Misty Meaner and Mocha Lite have not only been doing drag for over ten years, but they have been dating for just as long. In this episode, explore the on stage and behind the scenes life of Brooklyn's longest lasting and most loved drag couple.

  • "Charlene"

    Episode 6

    Queens of Kings | S1:E6 | Charlene is a Brooklyn legend on an intimate journey through drag. This episode explores Charlene as she finds freedom in her own skin and is able to celebrate her evolving gender identity through drag.