Queer as Folk

Queer as Folk

2 Seasons

The original, ground-breaking and award-winning UK series chronicling the lives of three gay men living in Manchester's gay village around Canal Street.

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Queer as Folk
  • "Episode 1"

    Episode 1

    Queer as Folk | S1:E1 | Stuart, king of the gay club scene in Manchester, is on the prowl when he picks up the young and pretty Nathan. It’s just another pull for Stuart, but Nathan’s hooked.

  • "Episode 2"

    Episode 2

    Queer as Folk | S1:E2 | Having not yet come out to his coworkers, Vince faces the uncomfortable task of going on a date with new employee Rosalie. Stuart tries to pry off a clingy Nathan.

  • "Episode 3"

    Episode 3

    Queer as Folk | S1:E3 | Donna, fed up with hearing about Stuart, takes Nathan out to find a new boyfriend. Vince runs into the wrong person at a gay pub, all while Phil takes things too far with a new friend.

  • "Episode 4"

    Episode 4

    Queer as Folk | S1:E4 | It’s Phil’s funeral, and Stuart and Vince hear where his distraught mother places the blame. Vince meets Phil’s accountant Cameron, and they hit it off. Nathan’s betrayed and takes off.

  • "Episode 5"

    Episode 5

    Queer as Folk | S1:E5 | Hazel and Janice are worried about Nathan, who’s been staying out with a new boy. Stuart’s sister asks him to babysit her two sons, but he's never been good with kids.

  • "Episode 6"

    Episode 6

    Queer as Folk | S1:E6 | Despite not having come out to his parents, Stuart visits them with his sister to discuss their divorce. He also agrees to talk to Nathan about his acting out, but things quickly go sour.

  • "Episode 7"

    Episode 7

    Queer as Folk | S1:E7 | Stuart organizes a surprise birthday party for Vince, but can’t help spicing it up with a little drama, inviting Rosalie and agreeing to sabotage Romey’s marriage.

  • "Episode 8"

    Episode 8

    Queer as Folk | S1:E8 | Vince thinks Rosalie is going to out him at work, Stuart get his first taste of rejection and Nathan does something drastic.